It was recently revealed what some of the Unexpected cast members make per episode. It is not a lot but if they are well-liked, they could get promotional deals and such. However, some are left out in the dust and it appears Jason Korpi is facing that fate.

Unexpected’s Most Hated Cast Member?

At the Season 5 tell-all, host Ananda Lewis tried to understand how someone could behave the way Jason did. His father, Scott tried to attribute it to his age and maturity level. Ananda reminded him that they have had a lot of nineteen-year-olds on the show. Yet none of them have acted as poorly as he did this season. It really started when Jason called himself a “professional rawdogger” at the beginning of the season. This means he feels no need to wear protection but look how well that turned out. He admits he was not planning to get Kylen pregnant so soon but he was not disappointed. Ultimately, he ended up taking over her entire pregnancy.


Jason kept her away from her parents, telling her that they treated her like a child. He went on to decide her birthing plan, saying a home birth was far better. This was mainly because he did not think he would have any rights or control in a hospital but that was not what Kylen wanted. She was all about going to a hospital and was more open-minded. Finally, he was against an epidural which she agreed on until she desperately needed one for the safety of their baby. Even when it was a desperate measure, Jason flipped out and still held resentments, even at the tell-all. Viewers despised him so much, wanting to break Kylen free from the trap but it seemed she was under a spell.

Cash Poor

When Jason and Kylen brought their son, Xavier home, they needed formula. Jason’s mother was going to get it but she asked for his bank card. He was told which one was the cheapest and then his mom suggested that maybe they get government assistance. This was something his cousin had suggested. After they were recognized on the show, a YouTuber saw them and brought them baby stuff as well as contributed to Xavier’s college fund. The Unexpected couple admitted it was a struggle financially but now, they are taking it to another level.


Both Kylen and Jason posted a sonogram photo on their Instagram accounts claiming they had a big announcement to make. It turned out to be clickbait and they were slammed for this. Kylen seemingly could not take the social media heat so she disappeared. As for Jason, he still has the clickbait link and a CashApp link, as well. Those who want to help the couple are more than welcome to send funds directly to them. Currently, Jason is headed to court at the end of the month after missing his arraignment last month so he clearly has legal fees plus a child.

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