I Am Shauna Rae star Shauna Rae just took a major step towards achieving one of her biggest goals.

During the show’s first season, Shauna made it immediately clear that she just wants to live as any other 22-year-old gets to live. Unfortunately, her size makes that a challenge.

Keep reading to see how she’s getting closer to crossing something huge off her to-do list.

Shauna Rae takes her first steps towards an independent life

When we met Shauna Rae, she still lived with her parents, younger sister Rylee, and didn’t know how to drive. Shauna expressed her desire to move out on her own — but her parents weren’t thrilled with her plans.

Patty Schrankel/Instagram

In order to make that happen, Shauna knew she would have to start making some changes in her life. She had one really big goal in mind: getting her driver’s license.

That still hasn’t quite happened yet, but she’s getting closer. Shauna’s mother Patty revealed on Instagram that the 22-year-old managed to get her learner’s permit.

“The start to Independence #iamshaunarae,” Patty captioned the post. On the photo, she wrote, “Permit time. Y’all better watch out.”

Patty Schrankel/Instagram

The comment section showed overwhelming support for the TLC star.

“I’m so proud of her. I know your nervous. But this is a very big step to becoming an adult. Proud of you,” wrote one fan.

“Omgggg so prouddd 🥺💚” said another. 

Fans know how badly Shauna Rae wants to be independent. Hopefully, she’ll continue to make progress. We’ll give you an update as soon as we know anymore.

Will the TLC series come back for another season?

Hopefully, this will be part of the storyline if I Am Shauna Rae comes back for Season 2. Right now, we don’t know whether or not this will happen. We’re still waiting on the final word from TLC.

But the show’s freshman season seemingly performed well. On top of that, Shauna and her family members express their desire to have another season on social media.

There’s also a lot of stories to tell. Shauna Rae has a lot to prove to the world and she’s not quite done sharing her story yet. During the first season, we saw Shauna explore dating, sexuality, and more. Maybe in Season 2 we will finally see Shauna get the chance to earn her driver’s license too.

Would you like to see TLC renew the show for another season? Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments. We’re really interested to see what you think here.

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