Unexpected has brought Kylen Smith a lot of attention, much of it due to her baby daddy Jason Korpi. His behavior has been out of control and, at times, abusive. Recently, she used social media to lash out at people who did not agree with her. Did the medium finally become too much for her?

Unexpected Launches Teenagers To Fame

The hit TLC reality show about teen pregnancy has always had its fan favorites. For Season 5, two new couples were brought to the show. Emersyn Potter came on with her boyfriend Mason Ramirez. Their big controversy was her mother, Erica, and her rules. She was vehemently against the two of them ever sharing a bed and wanted them to practice abstinence. This was even after Emersyn was pregnant. Furthermore, she did not like Mason’s family as his mother, Shannon had been in jail. Yet she never even took the time to get to know Shannon so it was a mess.


Then there was Kylen Smith and Jason Korpi. He wanted to control absolutely every aspect of her life. She was to have their baby in a birthing center, not a hospital so he could be more involved. It did not matter that Kylen preferred a hospital, this was what Jason wanted. Additionally, he felt she did not need to be around her parents as his friends were more important. He did not want her to have any drugs, no cervical exam, it was all about him. In the end, viewers started a petition to get him removed but he loved all of the attention, even if it was bad. Both he and his father agreed the show would have been nothing without their family. It was pretty bad.

Gone For Good?

Kylen has been getting into social media battles with people to possibly prove a point. She attacked her Unexpected co-star Tyra Boisseau over being more popular. The point was to let Tyra know there would have been no show without her and Jason, that they brought the ratings. Tyra brought proof this was false and then shared the screenshots on multiple forums. Then, Kylen posted a fake sonogram on her Instagram which was just clickbait to a Teen Mom pregnancy announcement. She and Jason caught a lot of heat for doing something so vile and misleading.


Finally, Kylen started a debate with a YouTuber named Kelsie and it went back and forth. Kylen got vicious while Kelsie shared that she never stated anything that was not already out there. After this came out, Kylen’s Instagram was suddenly gone. Despite Jason wanting to give a closing statement at the tell-all, Kylen left without a warning. Is this the end of her on social media or just temporary? Let us know in the comments.