‘Unexpected’ Fans Heartbroken For Caelan, Why?

Jul 18, 2022 ,

Unexpected fans have heard a lot from alum McKayla Adkins. Yet, there has not been much talk of her baby daddy Caelan Morrison. The couple had two children before calling it quits. Now fans are feeling really bad for the father of Timothy and Gracelynn but why? Read on to find out more.

Unexpected Introduces McKayla And Caelan

As teenagers, they really tried to make it work. McKayla was featured on the premiere season of TLC’s hit reality series centered around pregnant teens. The two had their son Timothy and despite being up and down, wanted a future as a family. They tried living together and even discussed marriage. Then, they unexpectedly discovered that they were going to be parents once again. It was a big shock all around but they dealt with it. McKayla gave birth to their daughter, Gracelynn but she and Caelan could not seem to make it work as a couple.


They parted ways and she left the series. Once she was done, she ended up meeting Ethan with whom she dated for a little over a year before she announced her engagement and pregnancy. They ended up getting married quite quickly but she sadly lost their baby. Shortly thereafter, they revealed that they were expecting again. In April of this year, they welcomed a baby boy whose name still is unknown. As for her kids with Caelan, it appears that she has full custody of them. She apparently has said that he can see them whenever he wants but he chooses not to. So, why are fans suddenly torn up for him?

Sympathy For Caelan?

Unexpected fans are feeling really bad for Calean and they are expressing this on Reddit. Yet what is their reasoning? They believe that “McKayla is psychotic.” At least that is how the thread started out. It continued with this: “And I feel terrible for Caelan. You can tell he & his mom are somewhat normal. It seems he bends over backwards to ride the wave of all McKaylas impulsive & detrimental a** decisions in an effort to make her happy.”


Other Redditors chimed in with this:

  • “I feel like the amount of times she dies her hair from brown to blonde just shows her consistent impulsiveness and mania”
  • “He really did try with her but she couldn’t give him the same respect. She’s annoying tbh”
  • “He truly is such a hard working kid. He did not deserve that bulls***. He worked so hard and they still always had shit to say to put him down and seem like a bad guy who’s a bad father. He deserved better”

Essentially, fans felt that McKayla just abused Caelan all along and he was worthy of a lot more than he got from her. In the end, it seems he is in a much better place. However, no one really knows what went on behind closed doors. Hopefully, they have both found peace.

Do you feel for Caelan or are you team McKayla? Let us know in the comments.