Christine Brown has reached the epitome of peace in her life. The reality star doesn’t care how others perceive her. However, when she was still with Kody Brown, she got tired of proving herself. In a new clip by TLC, fans see the mother of six explaining her side of the story to the patriarch. But, once again, the Sister Wives star Kody manages to downplay her emotions and blame her for the wreckage. Papa Brown had a problem with the third wife because she wasn’t willing to mother Robyn’s kids. Tune in to know the full story.

Sister Wives: Kody Brown Focuses On Robyn Instead Of Fixing His Marriage With Christine

While Christine Brown is known as the primary caregiver, she is also the light in the room. TLC’s latest promo clip of Sister Wives shows Part 2 of a conversation between Kody and Christine. In the first part, the patriarch shrugged his shoulders when the ex-wife asked him about their intimate relationship. And now, Kody is acting more on his emotions. Brown didn’t like it when his third wife refused to mother Robyn’s kids. The ex-wife first noted that it had been heartache to marry Kody. She also said that it had brought her pain. That’s because the mother of six did everything that the shared husband needed.

Meanwhile, the polygamist agreed with Christine’s statement. He said that she’s the “best.” However, he pointed out that the third wife’s relationship with the other Sister Wives wasn’t great. The ex-wife said she didn’t understand the comment that Kody made. The scene jumps to the patriarch’s confessional, and he states, “this statement makes me want to scream.” The father of 18 then slammed his third wife that she had been complaining for years and that she hates plural marriage. Hence, the polygamist says that Christine has broken his heart for many years.

The Sister Wives star acknowledged Christine’s efforts when she mothered Janelle’s kids. However, he didn’t like the idea when the third wife refused to mother Robyn’s kids. Hearing Kody’s statement, fans are again shocked and furious at him for putting Robyn on a pedestal. The audience stated that she ruined everything once Robyn came into the picture. Some people also pointed out that Christine sat down for a conversation with Kody about ‘their’ failing marriage. However, the polygamist included Robyn in the picture and the conversation. Hence, fans said it is always about the fourth wife and no one else.

Sister Wives: Fans Upset With Kody Brown Again!

While fans are at it, they are angry at Kody’s remarks. The Sister Wives audience noted that Robyn never had a job or anything else to do. Hence, why would she need anyone to take care of the kids? Moreover, the fourth wife did hire a nanny to help her. Therefore, fans questioned why Kody would want Christine to raise the fourth wife’s kids. Per the viewers, Kody has never taken responsibility for the issues. And he is doing it again. Moreover, the Sister Wives are there to support each other, but Robyn doesn’t seem to help anyone in the family.

Sister Wives

Looking at the clips, fans understood what Christine went through. She had dealt with a toxic environment, and Kody was the reason behind that. The TLC audience is waiting for September 11 to learn more about the drama. So, stay tuned and keep coming back to TLC News Online for the latest updates on Sister Wives.