Moriah Plath looks a lot different from the start of Welcome to Plathville. Some fans are worried about Moriah’s weight loss since season 1.

Moriah Plath has changed her look many times since Welcome to Plathville season 1, and some fans worry that she has lost too much weight. Viewers have seen Moriah go through a lot of life changes and family drama that may stress her out and affect her body. While many Welcome to Plathville fans have negative opinions of her Instagram looks, others are genuinely worried about the young reality star’s health.

Moriah has faced a lot of difficulty over four seasons of Welcome to Plathville. She was known as the rebellious daughter and did not fit in with the rest of her family growing up. Moriah learned to depend on herself at a young age, worked on rebuilding a relationship with her strict parents, Kim and Barry Plath, and accepted her eccentricities. Her most difficult challenge came when Moriah and her boyfriend, Max Kallschmidt, broke up after he kissed another woman while they were together.

Moriah spent the better half of Welcome to Plathville season 4 trying to recover from the breakup. She started living with her brother Ethan Plath and sister-in-law Olivia Plath, who confirmed that she did not get out of bed or leave her room most days in the months following the breakup. Moriah added that she was barely eating anything, leading fans to worry about her even slimmer figure this season. Even though Moriah has moved on from the breakup and looks happy with her new dog, fans were hoping she would go back to the way she looked before the breakup.

Moriah and her eight siblings grew up on a large farm, leading them to spend most of their time outdoors and were able to attain slimmer physiques. Moriah used to have a lot of muscle in earlier Welcome to Plathville seasons from working out with Micah Plath and at a gym. Fans believe there is a big difference between how slim she was then and now, acknowledging Moriah likely lost some muscle due to the stress she’s been under for the past year. Moriah has been open with viewers about her mental health struggles in the past, as has her sister-in-law Olivia, and fans love to see how honest they are with their fans.

Moriah’s revealing outfits on Instagram may also be why Welcome to Plathville fans are taking more notice of her appearance. She is known for wearing crop tops and skin-tight clothes that show off her figure. While some fans are worried that she has lost too much weight, others believe Moriah is naturally thin and continues to lead an active lifestyle. In addition to pursuing her music career, Moriah has been taking pole dancing lessons and dance classes, which have been keeping her in shape.