Chantel and Pedro Jimeno might be divorcing, but many fans think The Family Chantel will do well without including Pedro and his family.

Many fans of The Family Chantel are concerned that the 90 Day Fiancé spin-off show might be canceled since Pedro and Chantel Jimeno are divorcing, but viewers believe the show can thrive without Pedro and his villainous family. Pedro and Chantel’s divorce may signal the end of the current structure of The Family Chantel, However, fans of Chantel and the Everett family are confident that they can carry the show on their own.

Pedro and Chantel have been a staple in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise for many years. However, their marriage has quickly unraveled during The Family Chantel season 4. Pedro grew distant from Chantel and rejected her attempts to save their marriage. This led to him requesting first a separation and then a divorce from his devoted wife. Many viewers were shocked by Pedro’s sudden personality change, as he exhibited shocking coldness and cruelty toward Chantel. This caused his reputation among fans to sharply plummet, while many viewers voiced sympathy and support for Chantel.

Fans of Chantel and her spin-off show have been vocal about wanting The Family Chantel to continue without Pedro. Many viewers voiced that the cruelty Pedro demonstrated toward his wife is not entertaining, as it has instead left viewers concerned for Chantel. Fans have also strongly voiced their objections regarding the plotlines with Pedro’s family members. Many viewers claimed to have fast-forwarded through his villainous younger sister Nicole Jimeno’s never-ending relationship drama with her then-married boyfriend Alejandro Padron. Meanwhile, Pedro and Nicole’s mother, Lidia Jimeno, is considered a despicable franchise mother whom many The Family Chantel viewers despise due to her consistent cruelty.

While Pedro earned the attention of fans during The Family Chantel season 3, many viewers were disappointed to discover that he had faked his emotional family plotline. Therefore, many fans believe that his storyline has come to a close. However, Chantel and her family have only gotten more popular among viewers. Parents Karen and Thomas Everett went from being seen as overprotective and meddling to being considered loving and appropriately skeptical. Chantel’s younger siblings Winter and Riverknight Everett are widely liked by viewers for being unproblematic, while Chantel has demonstrated real growth and maturity throughout her time in the franchise. This has caused many followers to rally behind the Everett family.

Overall, many The Family Chantel fans believe Chantel and her family have both the charisma and available storylines to carry at least another season of the show. Viewers have requested to see a single Chantel for the first time now that she is no longer with Pedro. The Atlanta beauty has allegedly already attracted the attention of rapper Drake. Meanwhile, viewers are certain that many other men would be happy to date Chantel. The future of the Family Chantel could focus exclusively on Chantel, Winter, and Riverknight finding love if TLC were to give viewers what they want to see.