The 7 Little Johnstons kids have grown up and are potentially looking to date. Recently, Emma and Alex posted a reel telling the fans that they are eligible to date. Likewise, Jonah is in a relationship. Similarly, things are also going great for Elizabeth too. She moved in with her four-year boyfriend, Brice. Now, as each sibling has something to look forward to, there’s Anna. The reality star noted in a previous season that she had seen a guy named Kyle. However, things aren’t going well between the two. And that’s when a guy comes and hits on Anna. Tune in to see what happened afterward.

7 Little Johnstons: A Guy Approaches Anna In The Dog Park

Trent and Amber have been super strict with their parenting. Therefore, the kids think twice before taking any decision. And so, when it comes to love, parents tend to scrutinize their kid’s significant other. The couple’s actions are justified, but they sometimes overdo things. The 7 Little Johnstons parents recently read Jonah and his girlfriend’s chats. Hence, fans have noted that Trent and Amber habitually get nosy. Meanwhile, last season, the viewers saw Anna revealing about a guy that she was dating. TVSS reported who it could be, and it turns out it is indeed Kyle.

However, in the latest sneak peek by PopCulture, Anna tells the viewers that things aren’t going well between the two. Meanwhile, the exclusive sneak peek reveals that a boy came to the dog park and tried hitting on Anna. But, the 7 Little Johnstons siblings noted that their sister is naive and doesn’t know a good job at romance. As things aren’t great between Kyle and Anna, the latter is looking for friends and a potential boyfriend. Hence, when Emma and Anna go to the dog park, a guy approaches them for a little chat. The three introduce their dogs, and then the boy asks Anna for a drink. However, the reality star notes that she already has a drink and thanks the man.

7 Little Johnstons

Then there comes an awkward pause between the two, and Anna tells the guy to move along. She tells him to have a nice day, and the guy walks away rejected. Meanwhile, Anna’s younger sibling Emma is surprised by her sister and tells her, “Dude! You have a good day?! Hey?” Emma clearly notes that her sister doesn’t know how to make conversations. She continued that the 7 Little Johnstons sister, Anna, didn’t let a man buy her a dr ink. Emma joked that Anna could have gotten a second one for free. But seems like Anna doesn’t need a man to buy her a drink.

7 Little Johnstons: The Siblings Talk About Anna’s Flirting Game

After the incident, all the kids were seated in the family’s confessional. All the siblings agree that their sister Anna needs to do some work in the area of romance. The producer asks how Anna flirts. To this, the siblings say that Anna has no game and doesn’t know how to flirt. Alex jumps in and says that he hasn’t seen a guy hit on her. The 7 Little Johnstons star admits that she doesn’t know anything about flirting.

7 Little Johnstons

Likewise, Jonah adds that Anna has no game. It makes it seem like she automatically has her game. Meanwhile, back at the park, Emma advises Anna that she could carry on the conversation with the guy. However, the latter says that she isn’t going to fake it to make it. Besides, Emma is ready to make her sister level up her flirting game.