7 Little Johnstons star Elizabeth Johnston has heard enough negative comments recently. She’s ready for fans to change their tune and be kinder to her and her family. So, what is Elizabeth saying in response to all of the negativity?

It sounds like Elizabeth has read quite a few negative comments about her family online recently. On social media, fans are often talking about 7 Little Johnstons and don’t always seem to agree with what the family does.

Elizabeth Johnston stands up to the haters.

On Instagram this week, the 7 Little Johnstons star decided she had heard enough. She took to her Instagram Stories to share some words of wisdom and some insight into her life. It’s possible that fans don’t really know what the Johnston family members’ lives are like. So, she wanted to share a little bit more and try to help them understand, it seems.

While bringing up her concerns, Elizabeth Johnston kept things as light and positive as possible.

Team7LJ Instagram, Elizabeth Johnston

In an Instagram Stories post, Elizabeth Johnston shared a selfie and wrote a lengthy message to all of the fans who have been saying negative things.

She wrote:

“Hey 7LJ fans. Just a sweet kind reminder that some of us don’t have every day to post a picture, reply to messages, etc. My family and I still work our regular day to day jobs, some of us making it through college, maintaining relationships, all while making TV. Therefore keep these messages/comments kind!!! We appreciate and love y’all watching our story but always be kind!!”

Elizabeth Johnston, Instagram

Amber Johnston is tired of the hate too.

It sounds like Elizabeth Johnston isn’t the only one receiving negative messages and comments online. As we reported, her mother, Amber Johnston, recently spoke out against the haters. Amber also posted Elizabeth’s post on her own Instagram Stories.

Below, you can see one post that Amber shared on her Instagram Stories.

7 Little Johnstons star Amber Johnston Instagram

Hopefully, fans will hear Elizabeth and Amber out and stop being so negative about them. It sounds like all of the hate is really getting to the mom and daughter, so they want to put an end to it.

So, do you like what Elizabeth Johnston had to say? Can you believe that fans are sending so many harsh words their way? Sound off in the comments section below and come back to TLC News Online for more news about the Johnstons. Plus, don’t miss new episodes of TLC’s 7 Little Johnstons on Tuesdays.