Sister Wives star Christine Brown has pointed out how Robyn Brown played a big part in her jealousy and the eventual demise of her marriage. Since she’s already decided to leave Kody Brown at this point in Season 17, she’s got nothing to lose by sharing the truth.

Or at least how she sees the truth. But as these talks with Kody go on, it seems she cites Robyn Brown as a big part of her pain and loneliness. But is this the case?

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Blames Robyn Brown?

Christine is a woman scorned. According to her, it’s a feeling she’s lived with most of her married life. She puts the beginning of this problem in the timeline right after Truely Brown was born. This also happens to be when Robyn Brown became a member of the Sister Wives clan.

She admits to overwhelming jealousy. She also admits that jealousy doesn’t belong in a polygamous relationship. But when she explains her side of the story, it’s easy to see why it happened.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Robyn Brown

Christine claims that intimacy with her shared husband is almost non-existent. She said they would do the deed about three times a year. Kody sat across the table from her defending everything she poured out. But time and time again, she brought the youngest Sister Wives bride.

Robyn Defends Herself Over This Debacle

Robyn Brown asks the viewers to believe her when she says she doesn’t want to cause any harm to this family. To all fairness to wife number four, it isn’t her that is causing the problems. No, it looks like it’s Kody Brown.

The Sister Wives patriarch chooses who he spends time with. That goes for the time he spends with his other wives as well as the kids outside of his and Robyn’s marriage.

Perhaps Paedon Brown, Kody and Christine’s son, put it the best. It is not Robyn’s fault that his father fell in love with her, he said something along these lines a while back. Robyn loves his father as well, but she is not his keeper.

So, it seems she might be a problem that Kody faces when it comes to spending time with the rest of the Sister Wives’ family. For some reason, it’s apparent to Christine, and most likely the other wives, that he cares more about Robyn Brown than anyone else.

Sister Wives: Christine Blames Kody But…

In the Season 17 opener, Christine tends to blame Kody, but she seems to circle back to Robyn as well. Still, as their talk started to wane down, Christine did point the finger only at her shared husband.

While Christine blames Kody, some fans think Robyn could have put her foot down a little more to help out her fellow co-wives. It seems she gave Kody quite the reprimand, which makes him head over for this talk with Christine Brown. But this is one day in over a decade that she’s been with the family.

Sister Wives viewers think Robyn could have fixed this marriage debacle with Christine Brown earlier on. But Kody blames Christine for hating plural marriage and letting her jealousy get in the way.

Christine Brown claims her husband only had relations with her about three times a year. She also thinks that his heart belongs to Robyn and only Robyn. Then Robyn Brown pipes in asking viewers not to blame her. She states that she only harbors good intentions for the family.

So, it looks like the Sister Wives viewers are left with a daunting task this season. It’s time to tease out who is to blame and who is an innocent bystander in all of this if there is one.