Times When Kody & Robyn Really Annoyed Other Sister Wives Stars

Sep 14, 2022

Sister Wives viewers are used to watching Kody and Robyn Brown get on the other spouses’ nerves. However, it seems to be happening more often.

Kody and Robyn Brown, of Sister Wives, have been closer than ever in recent years, and it has annoyed the patriarch’s other spouses. Kody has struggled to juggle his love equally as he often chooses Robyn’s side. After 17 seasons, it seems like the rest of the polygamous family is finally fed up with their antics.

Kody married his first three wives, Janelle, Meri, and Christine, in the late 1990s, and for over 15 years, the family seemed copacetic. While Christine thought she would be the last wife to join the family, Kody ended up adding a fourth wife in the new millennium. Shortly after introducing the family to the new love of his life, Robyn and Kody tied the knot in 2010. Kody then legally divorced Meri in order to adopt Robyn’s children from a previous marriage. Over time there have been serious dynamic shifts within the family, leaving the Browns annoyed with their leader.

Kody and Robyn Brown are not well-liked among Sister Wives fans, and for good reason. Over the years, both have said some pretty aggravating statements that have left many scratching their heads. From Kody’s strict COVID-19 rules to Robyn crying on cue, there are a number of times the lovebirds annoyed the rest of the family.

Robyn Talks About Marriage

Recently, Robyn revealed to cameras that she still considered Christine and Kody married since their church hadn’t granted them a divorce. But Sister Wives viewers found her statement hypocritical after last season showed Robyn speaking out of both sides of her mouth. At the time, Robyn shared that she knew what it felt like to be in a marriage and “not want to be in that marriage anymore.” Robyn went on to share that she felt everyone should have the right to leave an unhappy reunion. The statement contradicts her latest attack on Christine’s decision to divorce Kody.

Kody Refers To Wives As “Princesses”

During season 16, the father of 18 lashed out at Janelle and Christine for their opinions on moving back to Utah. TLC cameras caught Kody in a very candid moment after finishing a discussion with his second wife, noting his wives were “two princesses giving ultimatums.” The comment sparked immediate backlash for Kody as he came across as chauvinistic for putting his wives into a category that they wouldn’t appreciate.

Kody Wants Everyone To Behave

Kody lives by the sentiment of “Honor the entire family, and I will love you…” Even though the Sister Wives star expects respect, he often refuses to give it himself. Viewers just watched as Christine and Kody sat down for a chat about their failing marriage. During the conversation, Christine confirmed that Kody was mad at her for not treating his favorite wife, Robyn, with respect. Fans found Kody’s tantrum ridiculous and hard to take seriously.