Sister Wives star, Meri Brown recently posted a picture on Instagram and fans though it was creepy. Her odd angle made the picture shocking. Since her husband, Kody Brown revealed that he doesn’t want to be intimate with her, she started focusing on herself. Over the years, she has been working so hard to be a better version of herself.

Meri was fan’s sweetheart until her attitude changed. Now, Meri is known to be biased when it comes to her plural family affairs. Kody’s feelings for Meri changed after her catfish scandal. He would often neglect her, but despite this, she chose to remain in the marriage. She resolves to post cryptic messages which make fans curious.

Fans React As Meri Brown Shares “Creepy” To Instagram

The mother of one recently shared a controversial selfie of herself and it received a lot of criticism. Meri, who recently teased Sister Wives fans, was seen in the picture rocking a black and white shirt with her ill-famed dark eyeliner. Fans immediately noticed her scary look and think it is a bit off.

The highlight of the post she shared was about self-value and self-love, but fans had to ask her why she still decided to stay with someone who doesn’t value her. Some Redditors shared their thoughts about her post. u/cinnamonsnake wrote her opinion about Meri’s makeup, “like how we used to do makeup around 2000ish.”

“Looks so creepy to me,” another Redditor wrote. In fact, Meri’s angle coupled with excess lighting didn’t do justice to the picture. This isn’t the first time the Sister Wife would be criticized about her archaic dark eyeliner. Meri, in May changed her look to a more subdued makeup, and chose to do away with her primitive look.

Apparently, she wasn’t comfortable in her new look, she had to go back to her infamous look. However, viewers are eager to see an active Meri in the much anticipated season 17. It is still surprising to viewers that Meri decided to stay in the plural marriage, despite Kody neglecting her. Hopefully, Meri won’t post more creepy pictures in the future.