The Family Chantel cast member, Pedro Jimeno moved out a day after he asked his estranged wife, Chantel Everett for a divorce. 

Pedro Jimeno Leaves His Matrimonial Home

In a sneak peek for the Monday, August 29, episode, Pedro is seen moving his stuff out of their house the morning telling Chantel that he wanted a divorce. “When we buy the house, I had a lot of expectations. I believe that this house, [was] going to help her to see herself like a mother, like a family. Our little nest to start our own family,” Pedro explained in a solo confessional.

Pedro Jimeno Moves Out Of His Shared Home With Estranged Wife, Chantel Everett

“She the same person, that I met before, she not been growing with me. I don’t want to change her, you can be the way you want, but please, be equal. Put the same amount of effort that I’ve been putting all those years.” In January 2022, Pedro and Chantel bought a five-bedroom, three-and-a-half-bathroom home in Lawrenceville, Georgia. After Pedro told Chantel that he wanted to leave so that both of them will be “more comfortable,” she agreed to give him a divorce.  “I feel like Pedro is abandoning me.

He’s deserting me. He’s got a beautiful wife, a beautiful home, [a] picket fence, everything. And he’s throwing it all away, for what?” Chantel sadly told the cameras. “I can’t stop him but I could prolong it, but why?” She asked him where he was going, and he said “I don’t want to tell you where I go right now. I’m going to a place, OK.”  And when she asked him who would be financing their legal separation, he quickly said, “I can pay for this with my money.”

Pedro had already visited a divorce lawyer Afiya Hinkson to discuss his options in splitting from Chantel. He found out that she would be financially responsible for him for 10 years because she had signed an affidavit of support after he obtained his green card. The Dominican Republic native also discovered that the divorce would come with a high price.

The attorney told him that “There are two types of divorces. There’s what we call uncontested and contested. Uncontested matters from our firm start at $5,000. Contested matters at my law firm start at $10,000.” Pedro filed for divorce from Chantel on May 27, 2022, after being married to her for six years.