Welcome To Plathville star Olivia Plath posts outrageous messages she received from online critics after speaking out against the family.

Olivia Plath has fallen from the fan-favorite spot since the last season of Welcome To Plathville, and fans are letting her know, with the reality TV star sharing some of the “disgusting” messages she’s received. Even though Welcome To Plathville season 4 is over, Olivia is still stirring up trouble. For years, Olivia has hinted that she has been treated unfairly by Kim and Barry Plath.

During Welcome To Plathville season 1, TLC cameras highlighted Olivia’s rocky relationship with the Plaths as Ethan’s parents felt like she had led their boy astray. Even though Olivia grew up with the same conservative background, she was able to explore the world a bit more. Over the years, Olivia has gotten tattoos, multiple piercings and dyed her hair, leaving Kim to feel that the devil had possessed her.

Ethan Plath’s wife recently shared a few of the disturbing messages she’s received on social media, and loyal followers are not impressed. She received these messages throughout the course of the most recent season of Welcome To Plathville. Olivia called out a critic for being “disgusting.” The social media user wrote to the Welcome To Plathville star, saying that she was “delusional” and that Ethan was probably embarrassed to see her swinging off a stripper pole. Olivia told her followers that every day she receives messages that range from “rude to obscene.” By sharing the notes, the TLC star hopes that people will stop and think before they put pen to paper (or fingers to keyboard). Olivia encouraged her fans and critics to do better.

Ethan and Olivia just returned from their European summer abroad and seemed to have a nice time. While away, the older Plath siblings, consisting of Micah, Moriah, Lydia and Isaac, all posted a united statement, sharing with fans that they would no longer be turning against one another. Ethan had not shared the joint statement, and neither had his wife, implying there was still some turmoil within the family. Welcome To Plathville season 4 also showed Moriah and Micah becoming fed up with their sister-in-law’s bad attitude.

For the most part, Olivia has been getting on with her life, as she has told Welcome To Plathville followers, noting she seems to be in a good place with Ethan. The rude messages may be annoying, but the photographer claimed her confidence is not hindered in the slightest. While Olivia may have tough skin, fans should understand that Welcome To Plathville is for entertainment and can often be exaggerated. Hopefully, Olivia’s inbox will get a reprieve from all the negative messages, but viewers aren’t holding their breath since she enjoys stirring the pot.