Welcome to Plathville’s Olivia often shares encouraging content on her Instagram. Some fans are questioning if she’s posting for the right reasons.

Olivia Plath has never been afraid to speak her mind on Welcome to Plathville, and she is bringing that same energy to her Instagram posts when preaching about body positivity. Plathville’s Olivia frequently shares posts aiming to inspire and encourage self-acceptance. However, some fans are starting to get annoyed by some of these posts.

The Welcome to Plathville reality star has had her share of struggles when it comes to accepting herself, especially when she feels she doesn’t meet particular standards. Growing up in a strong faith-based household taught Olivia how she should present herself to the world and even how she viewed herself. She was taught that loving your body was considered vain, and she has been working to change that mindset and her inner voice.

After all this time, Olivia is finally finding her voice, and she uses social media as a platform to speak her truth and spread positivity to others. However, some fans are sick of Olivia from Plathville‘s well-intentioned Instagram posts and feel that she is only posting to be attention-seeking rather than helpful. A recent post on Olivia’s Instagram has Welcome to Plathville fans on Reddit questioning her sincerity. A discussion thread created by u/mencryforme5 aimed at this very issue, with one user saying, “Olivia is exhausting. She’s been back for a week and already back to ‘my life is so hard’ posts.”

The Instagram post that sparked controversy and frustration is a photo of Olivia in a fitting room wearing a bikini, which is captioned, “suck it in, lose a pound, strike a pose.” The body positivity message that Olivia, who Plathville fans cannot stand, is sharing doesn’t seem authentic to fans. Another Reddit user commented on the thread, saying, “She’s literally doing the thigh gap pose, where you arch your back and push your butt out. But is talking about unattainable body standards?” Many Welcome to Plathville fans feel that she only posted the picture fishing for compliments and praise from others.

Just like her message about body positivity, the other social issues that she promotes have fans wondering if Olivia is being genuine or if it’s all part of her image and keeping up appearances. Another Reddit user shared their thoughts by writing, “I would be much more interested in her if she showed how she is contributing to her community or her educational goals or even her hobbies.” Only a fraction of Olivia’s life is featured on Welcome to Plathville. Many viewers would like to see more beyond the surface of perfectly curated Instagram photos and the influencer-style aesthetic in many of Olivia’s posts.

Although Olivia is young, she has accomplished a lot, including owning her own wedding photography business. She has found success in what was once just a hobby, and fans are genuinely interested in her profession. Welcome to Plathville fans hope to see more of Olivia’s authentic self and not just what she feels she has to present to TV cameras and to fans online.