Welcome to Plathville’s Moriah and Lydia Plath have distinctly different personalities. This may be why fans like one sister or the other.

On Welcome to Plathville, Moriah Plath and Lydia Plath are polar opposites. Although they are sisters, they have contrasting personalities that set them apart. Their distinguishing characteristics and traits have some viewers picking favorites.

All the Plath siblings share a close bond on Welcome to Plathville, and Moriah and Lydia are no exception. They have a strong friendship that transcends their genetic connection. Despite their different tastes in fashion and boys, and contrasting religious views, they have found common ground, and always love and support one another.

Growing up in front of the Welcome to Plathville cameras has left the two sisters open to criticism, and both of them are frequently judged by fans. While some viewers praise Moriah for her strong will and determination, others feel that her actions are reckless and selfish. When it comes to Moriah’s sister, fans are divided, with some praising her caring and compassionate nature, and others wondering if Lydia is only pretending to be innocent and naive. Now, it’s time to take a look at two very different Plath sisters, and talk about why some viewers find themselves on team Moriah, while others stand behind Lydia.

Moriah Plath

Moriah is a rebel with a reckless heart, and is considered the most unpredictable member of the Plath family. She has never been afraid to be her most authentic self. In fact, she’s outspoken, even when she knows that others won’t agree. Instead of following the life path that her parents had planned for her, she questioned their intentions, and went in the opposite direction. This meant going against everything she was taught while she was growing up. Moriah expresses herself through bold makeup, skimpy fashion, and her own music. Even though she is going against the grain, her parents Kim and Barry Plath have learned to love and accept her free spirit.

Lydia Plath

Lydia has always been described as the responsible one by her relatives, and everyone relies on her to keep the household running efficiently. She enjoys taking care of her family, and has a strong faith in God that helps her to push forward, even in moments of doubt and uncertainty. Lydia doesn’t like to disappoint her parents, and prefers to follow their advice when it comes to making any big life decisions. She dresses conservatively, and has never been particularly vain. Her parents have always prided themselves on the fact that Lydia hasn’t been problematic, and remains open to their opinions and guidance.

Wild child Moriah is controversial for pushing boundaries, and Lydia has found comfort in not venturing beyond what’s expected of her. Although both Plath sisters are vastly different in many areas of their lives, they have remained true to themselves, regardless of what others may say or think. Many Welcome to Plathville fans gravitate towards the cast members that they identify with the most.

How Moriah and Lydia choose to live their lives isn’t wrong, as each is on her own journey, but Welcome to Plathville viewers tend to prefer one sister, based on which woman they relate to the most. While Moriah is interested in seeing the world and following her dreams, Lydia is happy to stay at home, and help her siblings and parents. No matter which side fans find themselves on, there is no doubt that Moriah and Lydia are forging the path in life that they believe is right for them.