7 Little Johnstons stars Emma and Alex Johnston posed for a picture before school Monday. But in her post, Amber Johnston teased that the kids were “running late.” Keep reading to get the full story and see whether Emma and Alex were actually late for school.

As TV Shows Ace previously reported, Emma and Alex recently went back to school. The brother and sister are both in their junior years of high school. Fans were shocked to hear how early the kids were headed back to school.

Now, Emma and Alex Johnston are a month and a half into the school year. As they kicked off another week, Amber documented it.

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Emma & Alex Johnston ‘running late’ for school?

7 Little Johnstons stars Emma and Alex Johnston posed for a photo together as they left for school on Monday. Amber Johnston shared the picture on her Instagram page for 7 Little Johnstons fans to see. It looks like this week is an especially fun one for the kids because it’s homecoming week.

Ahead of the homecoming dance, the school has homecoming spirit days with different dress-up themes. Because the week has just begun, Amber only revealed one of the dress-up days. In her post, Amber revealed Monday’s theme:

“Running Late…pj’s & bring anything but a book bag.”

To fit the theme, Emma wore a pajama set and pushed an umbrella stroller, which held all of her school supplies. Alex Johnston posed in a tee shirt and plaid pajama pants. He brought his textbooks in a suitcase.

Below, you can see the photo of Emma and Alex Johnston dressed up for the first day of homecoming week.

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Fortunately, it doesn’t look like Emma and Alex were truly running late for school. It was just a part of the theme.

Hopefully, Amber will continue to post photos of Emma and Alex as they celebrate homecoming. There may be many more fun outfits in their future.

As TV Shows Ace reported last month, Emma showed off her homecoming dress options and asked fans to vote for their favorites. It’s unclear if Alex will be joining his sister and friends at the homecoming dance, however.

So, what do you think of Emma and Alex Johnston’s homecoming outfits? Are you excited to see how they dress up the rest of the week? Sound off in the comments section below, and come back to TLC News Online for more Johnston family updates. Plus, don’t miss new episodes of TLC’s 7 Little Johnstons on Tuesdays.