The Family Chantel viewers witness the animosity between Nicole and Chantel Jimeno, which leads to several theories about the origin of their feud.

Chantel and Nicole Jimeno have been bitter enemies for many years, which has led to theories as to why The Family Chantel fans think Nicole turned on her ex sister-in-law. Some The Family Chantel fans forget that many years ago when Chantel and Pedro Jimeno married on 90 Day Fiancé, Chantel and Nicole were actually friends. Many The Family Chantel fans have theories as to why Nicole turned on Chantel and started a bitter and longstanding one-sided feud with her.

Nicole has intensely disliked Chantel for the past few seasons of franchise content. The Dominican Republic native has been bitterly opposed to her brother’s marriage, which led to her trying to split Chantel and Pedro up. Nicole has tried on numerous occasions to have her best friend Coraima Morla seduce her brother, while she also started rumors that they hooked up. When Nicole heard that Pedro and Chantel were having marital issues, she gleefully encouraged Pedro to leave Chantel and not try to fix the relationship. This led to Nicole celebrating their divorce, something that left viewers baffled.

Reddit user u/SelectionOptimal5673 opened a discussion asking why Nicole hated Chantel so much, which led to viewers posing several plausible theories. One likely explanation was that both Nicole and Pedro came on thick with affection before changing their feelings toward Chantel, though Nicole became colder far quicker than her brother. This also would explain why Pedro changed his attitude about Chantel between seasons. “Early in Chantel and Pedro’s relationship, Nicole love-bombed Chantel, just like Pedro did. After Pedro got Chantel’s love and trust, Pedro’s and Nicole’s masks began to wear off,” u/DowntownTopRanking theorized before adding that Chantel then grew sick of being seemingly played by Nicole. However, fans shared multiple other theories as well as to why Nicole soured to Chantel.

Many The Family Chantel fans believe that Nicole is jealous of The Family Chantel star Chantel. Nicole has insulted Chantel’s looks numerous times even though Chantel is clearly physically beautiful. Nicole has even had plastic surgery and cosmetic changes to make her resemble Chantel. “Definitely jealousy. Chantel is everything that Nicole is lacking,” u/sillysideup wrote. Other commenters voiced that the rift could have been due to Chantel’s attitude as well, as she infamously called Nicole a “bitch-ass, slut-ass whore” after a misunderstanding. Another popular reason viewers voiced was that tension could have occurred when Chantel asked Pedro not to send money to Nicole and her mother. This became a major sore point between Chantel and Pedro’s family.

Overall, Chantel and Nicole are two very different yet equally strong-willed people. The two The Family Chantel women have therefore butted heads on numerous occasions. Many The Family Chantel fans think that Pedro and his family set out to scam Chantel from the start. However, jealousy also likely played a large role in the issues between Chantel and Nicole. Nicole appears very resentful of Chantel, which has likely contributed to their rift. Now that The Family Chantel stars Pedro and Chantel are divorcing, Nicole finally has what she wants. However, viewers are siding with Chantel during the messy divorce.