Micah and Ethan Plath are vastly different, even though they grew up in the same household. Micah confirms on Instagram how different they truly are.

Micah and Ethan Plath share a close bond on Welcome to Plathville, but they are different. They often have fun competing and challenging each other in various ways. Although they have grown up to become very different people, they are both still kids at heart.

The Plath kids grew up on a rural farm in Georgia without access to video games and television, leaving them with little entertainment. Since the children were homeschooled, they also didn’t have the opportunity to make friends. Due to their parents’ strict rules, they enjoyed being outdoors and found fun and freedom in such a wide open space. Ethan and Micah, in particular, had fun creating games and activities that tested their strength and endurance.

The Welcome to Plathville brothers still enjoy pushing each other to their limits and challenging one another. Even though they are highly competitive, there can only be one winner, and Micah addressed what he thinks of Ethan in a recent Instagram post. He shared photos from a weekend spent with his younger brother, Isaac Plath, and captioned the post, “Need to come back out and visit again lil bro! And bring the rest of the fam.” One of the photos in particular that captured fans’ attention was a picture of Micah and Isaac after a shaving cream fight.

An inquisitive Welcome to Plathville fan commented on Micah’s post, asking who won the shaving cream fight. Micah responded that he did and that he even has pictures to prove it. The same fan went on to ask Micah, “Do you think you would win against Ethan?” Micah replied honestly, writing, “Idk, Ethan’s wired different.” Even though Micah Plath is highly competitive, he knows he may have to surrender defeat to his older brother, Ethan.

Micah may be more athletic, but Ethan most likely has the upper hand because he is more cunning and strategic in his pursuit to win. Whether they are climbing trees, hiking, or competing in push-ups, they have fun spending time together. The close relationship that all the Plath siblings share is enviable. Even though their upbringing could at times feel isolating, they did learn to appreciate the time spent out in nature and spending time with each other. Their best friend mentality continues to be strong despite the distance between them as they are all living their separate lives in different places.

Although Micah Plath is living in LA, he doesn’t let that get in the way of spending as much time with his family as he can. He often visits Ethan in Tampa and his other siblings in Cairo. The Plath family knows the importance of sticking together, especially now more than ever. They have been through a lot on Welcome to Plathville, but they are continuing to support each other through all the changes as best as they can.