Welcome to Plathville’s Lydia Plath’s last Instagram reels didn’t feature her controversial mother, Kim Plath. Fans think this might be intentional.

Welcome to Plathville fans think that something may be going on behind the scenes between Lydia Plath and her mother, Kim Plath. They believe this because, in Lydia’s latest Instagram reel, everyone seems to be there but Kim. If it is actually true that there is a problem brewing between mother and daughter, it will add to the long list of feuds currently going on between Plath family members.

Unlike many members of the famous Welcome to Plathville family, Lydia has yet to branch out. As Kim and Barry Plath’s 20-year marriage came crashing down, a lot of responsibility for the household was placed on Lydia. She has more or less taken on a full-time nurturer role, as she’s always there for everyone in the house. Despite cooking and cleaning for the younger Plath kids, and being a mediator during disputes, Lydia is not appreciated by many Plathville fans.

Recently, Lydia posted an Instagram reel about how much she loves her family. It featured pictures of her brothers, sisters, and father, Barry. However, Kim was nowhere in sight, and this got Welcome to Plathville fans talking. In a Reddit thread started by u/montymelons, fans spoke about the possibility of something happening between Lydia and Kim that made the daughter exclude her mother from her reel. There are fans who believe that Lydia may be angry at Kim because of her hypocritical behavior. Kim brought up her children with Barry children in a certain way, making them believe in ultra-conservative Christian values. However, within the last year, viewers have watched Kim change dramatically. She’s started doing the things that she always preached against.

Viewers believe that Lydia’s anger may stem from the fact that, unlike her other siblings, she doesn’t seem to want to change her beliefs, which have been ingrained in her since she was a child. In the words of u/CityOfSins2, ” Her upbringing has really stuck with her, to the point where she can’t change her view point even if her parents have slightly.” Lydia’s decision to uphold the strict mindset that she was taught while growing up has made fans call her out for having a holier-than-thou attitude. The obedient Plath offspring is quick to point out the flaws in others, but appears to be blind to her own weaknesses.

Lydia, who always defends her childhood, may not have intentionally excluded Kim from the reel that she posted about her family, as Ethan Plath and his wife Olivia Plath were also missing from the post. However, Welcome to Plathville fans are more concerned about Kim’s possible exclusion than Ethan and Olivia’s. This is because they wonder if Kim’s recent change in attitude broke the bond between the once-united family.