It is no longer news that Christine Brown divorced Kody Brown and moved on as an independent woman. Sister Wives fans are curious to know if Christine will still maintain the relationship with the other three wives of Kody after the divorce. Are they still her family? Has everything ended with the divorce?

Christine Brown Leaves The Brown Family

Christine issued an official statement on her Instagram that she had decided to divorce Kody after many years of marriage. When she issued the statement almost a year back, most fans were not shocked because they have been seeing hints based on her social media posts and commitment to work. The huge setback between real life and television caused some delay, now fans have the opportunity to see details of how the many years relationship hit the rocks on Sister Wives season 17.

Will Christine Brown Maintain Her Relationship With Other Sister Wives?

Now, fans are curious to know these; Will she still maintain her relationship with other sister wives? Are their kids still hers? It is sure an awkward situation, because the divorce will sure affect her relationship with the other Sister Wives.

Unfortunately, it’s obvious that her sister wife Meri isn’t in good terms with her. Apparently, Meri believes the divorce means her former sister wife is no longer part of the family, so they can’t be friends anymore. There was tension between her and Robyn before the split so it is certain there won’t be any relationship between them after the split.

Fans have spotted Christine and Janelle together severally so it seems she is the only Sister Wife she has a cordial relationship with. There have been claims that Janelle is also planning to walk in her steps, as she also wants to leave the Sister Wives patriarch.  Apparently, Janelle would love to experience the sweet and independent life Christine is living after splitting from Kody.