The Family Chantel’s biggest star Chantel works hard to earn cash from various sources, while dealing with a divorce from Pedro, who calls her “lazy.”

Chantel Everett from The Family Chantel isn’t just a successful reality TV star, as she also has a very important job that she does while she goes through a divorce with Pedro Jimeno. She was first introduced to TLC viewers via 90 Day Fiancé season 5, when the Dominican Republic native Pedro was navigating the tricky K-1 visa process before they got married. Chantel met Pedro because he began teaching her a new language. After Chantel started learning Spanish from Pedro on Facebook, the two fell in love quickly, and he proposed. Six years after their wedding, fans know that Pedro, who now works in real estate, has filed for divorce from Chantel. She has accused him of domestic abuse and infidelity.

Chantel, whose real first name is CeAir (her original last name is supposedly Wylie) later featured in 90 Day Fiancé: Happily Ever After? with Pedro. The conflicts between Chantel and Pedro’s families (especially between Chantel’s mother Karen and Pedro’s sister, Nicole), got them a spin-off called The Family Chantel. At the same time, Chantel started studying hard to get her nursing degree. The couple had been married for four years, and Pedro was working at a warehouse to support the household, as he planned to make his “American Dream” come true. While the couple waited for Chantel to become a nurse, she learned that her test average was three points off, and had to reapply for the next semester in order to graduate, although she passed all of her classes.

The Family Chantel season 3 began on a high note, with Chantel finally graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in 2021. Chantel had expressed her desire to work as a home health pediatric nurse. After that, she was going to transition into one of the major hospitals in Atlanta, working on the neurology floor. Chantel had revealed that her entry-level position would probably pay between $45,000-50,000, adding that she could work her way up to a higher salary. She admitted that she didn’t graduate college in four years because she was also working full-time, and dating Pedro long-distance. This resulted in a challenging and expensive K-1 visa process. In 2022, 90DF‘s popular star Chantel shared in an Instagram Q&A session that she’s currently into “renal med surg and Neuro med surg.”

In the future, Chantel wants to become an aesthetics or cosmetic nurse. In the past, she had visited plastic surgeon Dr. Myla Bennett for a job interview. As she works hard to turn her dreams into realities, she has been sharing photos of herself going to work, and enjoying her vacations when she has time off. In a recent video from September, the survivor Chantel dressed in scrubs, and filmed herself in a bathroom, while hyping herself up, so she could finish the end of her third 12-hour shift. In her comments, fans blasted Pedro for having no idea how hard nurses work, because he would ask 90 Day Fiancé celeb Chantel to cook or clean after her grueling hospital shifts. “He isn’t and never was good enough for you, that’s why this happened,” one supportive follower told Chantel.

Chantel is quite possibly making a decent income from nursing. Besides, being a recognizable 90 Day Fiancé cast member has its perks, such as brand collaborations and sponsorships on Instagram, where she has almost a million followers. She’s also earned money via back-to-back seasons of The Family Chantel. If fans initially doubted Chantel’s bedside matter, and wondered if she would make a compassionate nurse (many people find her bossy), they have been proved wrong. Reality TV star Chantel is clearly happy with her career.