Welcome to Plathville’s Micah and Moriah have been through a lot since the start of the show, creating many memorable moments, both good and bad.

Micah Plath and Moriah Plath have grown closer since the start of Welcome to Plathville, but their sibling bond still has some highs and lows. Even though they are the rebels in their family, they are very different people. Some Plathville fans want a Micah and Moriah spin-off show because they are a dynamic duo, as Micah brings the lightness while Moriah brings the drama.

Micah and Moriah are two of the nine children from Kim and Barry Plath. Welcome to Plathville gives each sibling a chance to shine on the show and highlight their unique personalities. Some siblings are closer than others, whether they are close in age or have similar interests. Lydia and Moriah Plath are less than two years apart and have developed a close bond despite being polar opposites. Besides Moirah, Micah is close to Ethan and Isaac Plath, as they are both a few years apart from him.

The Plath family has been divided since the start of Welcome to Plathville, as Ethan and Olivia Plath were ostracized from the family early on. Micah and Moriah were branded as rebels, creating even more tension in the family. Welcome to Plathville season 4 pushed the family to their breaking point with Kim and Barry’s unexpected divorce; however, the family all came together again by the finale. Despite all the family drama, Micah and Moriah’s sibling bond has never faltered.

Micah & Moriah Plath Become Roommates (Best)

Welcome to Plathville‘s Micah and Moriah were kicked out of their home as teens for rebelling against the family, forcing them to rely on each other. They rented their first place together and only had one another once they moved out. Moriah supported Micah’s modeling dreams while Micah helped Moriah with her music career. He even helped her once with a gig by temporarily joining her band.

Micah Plath Is Happy To Get Away (Worst)

Even though Micah and Moriah, who took a road trip, living together was a sweet brother-sister moment, Welcome to Plathville fans sensed some tension when they decided to no longer live together. Moriah moved to Tampa with Ethan and Olivia, while Micah got as far away from his small town as he could by moving to Los Angeles. Micah joked that he was ready to leave Moriah, and some fans felt he was serious, suggesting they may have been arguing behind the scenes.

Micah Plath Helps Moriah Plath With Her Broken Heart (Best)

Despite Micah moving across the country, Welcome to Plathville season 4 proved that he will always be there for Moriah when she needs him. He flew back to surprise her multiple times, first when Moriah was going through a breakup with Max Kallschmidt. Micah comforted Moriah, and he was the first person she confided in about the details surrounding the split. Micah also went to Moriah’s ex-boyfriend and confronted him about what he had done, making it one of the sweetest sibling moments on the show.