The Family Chantel season 4 was emotional for Chantel Jimeno, but she is having a far better time enjoying her life with her younger sister Winter.

Chantel Jimeno and her little sister Winter Everett are a popular duo on The Family Chantel, and the beautiful sisters have stunned in a number of recent photos. 90 Day Fiancé star Chantel and her sister Winter have earned plenty of praise and support from The Family Chantel viewers. This has caused fans to compliment the gorgeous sisters after Chantel and Winter shared a number of social media photos together recently.

The Everett family is known for being close, which has even caused some issues in the 90 Day Fiancé franchise due to family members being meddling and overprotective. Sisters Chantel and Winter fiercely love and support each other. However, they have also had some issues In the past. The two ladies dealt with some problems due to Chantel always being the star of the family. Chantel was always naturally slim and commanded attention, while Winter struggled with her weight. This led to Winter having some difficulties dealing with her older sister always being in the spotlight.

As Chantel and Winter have aged, the two ladies have developed a loving and healthy relationship. Chantel supported Winter through her breakup with Jah and took care of her sister during her weight loss surgery. Winter then stepped up to be there for Chantel during her painful divorce from her husband Pedro Jimeno. Hardship and success alike has brought the two sisters together, which had led to The Family Chantel fans celebrating Chantel and Winter’s many moments together that are shared on social media.

Chantel & Winter Go Glam

Chantel and Winter are both equally gorgeous women, which has led to many The Family Chantel viewers praising them for their good looks. The sisters stunned in a modeling photo shoot they did together. Though Winter used to be stuck in the shadow of her older sister Chantel, she gained more confidence after her bariatric surgery. Both sisters looked stunning in a professional modeling photo that saw them in fancy attire with styled hair and makeup. However, The Family Chantel fans also praise the natural beauty of the sisters when they don’t have full glam.

Chantel & Winter Show Support

Many The Family Chantel fans absolutely love an image Chantel shared of her embracing her little sister in a hug. The picture took on even more significance when The Family Chantel viewers learned that Winter moved in with Chantel after Pedro left their shared home to keep her older sister company. Chantel and Winter’s sweet embrace showed the depth of their bond, while Chantel turned off the comments to keep the moment more private despite sharing it with her followers.

The Family Chantel Ladies

Chantel and Winter make a winning duo, but The Family Chantel viewers loved seeing the two ladies with their mother Karen Everett in a family snap. Karen used to be a 90 Day Fiancé franchise villain, though she has since come a long way to establish herself as a fan-favorite cast member. Many viewers love seeing the Everett family ladies hang out, as they have all proven that they are a great support system. This has caused The Family Chantel viewers to voice their praise for Chantel and her family, as the Everetts are chaotic but love each together.