Sister Wives fans are convinced that Meri Brown is filled with jealousy when it comes to her former sister wife,  Christine Brown. They believe that what she has been posting on her Instagram shows she’s desperately craving for attention. Apparently, she is doing this because Christine is the highlight in the much anticipated Sister Wives Season 17.

Is Meri Brown Desperate For Attention

Season 17 would reveal what caused the breakup between Kody Brown and Christine. Christine has been busy since she came into spotlight, granting several interviews. The promotions and previews released recently focused on her, and fans assume Meri is boiling with jealousy because Christine is in the limelight. Meri Brown posted on Instagram some days back, urging her fans to “get ready” as that there’s more to the story.

Why Fans Think Meri Brown Is Jealous Of Former Sister Wife, Christine

A few days later, she posted again on Instagram and further teased her followers and fans that they should get ready for the rest of the story. Although they didn’t understand what she meant, but they already concluded that she is trying hard get fans’ attention. They also think Meri wants people to think that she has also divorced Kody as she continues to tag her post to Utah.

However, several Sister Wives fans have reminded others that Meri Brown has a B&B that is located in Utah, and she travels a lot due to her profession. So, Meri tagging Utah in her posts does not mean she has divorce Kody and become independent. A lot of fans think Meri is desperate and sad and that she is forcing herself on Kody, who is into someone else.

Fans are curious to know if Meri Brown and Kody Brown haven’t split. There have been several speculations that they have divorced long time ago and that they only come together to appear as couple while filming the new seasons of the show. Meri have been countering the claims that they broke up.