I Love A Mama’s Boy Matt McAdams and Brittany Taylor’s breakup was shocking to fans of the reality series, and he’s opening up about the situation.

Matt McAdams from I Love A Mama’s Boy season 3 returned to find love, but his relationship with Brittany Taylor ended after an explosive confrontation, and he recently shared more details about the breakup. I love A Mama’s Boy is centered around self-proclaimed mama’s boys, like Colt Johnson from 90 Day Fiancé, looking for love. Matt first appeared in I Love A Mama’s Boy season 2 with fiancé Kimberly Cobb. After the couple’s apartment burned, they moved in with his mother, Kelly McAdams. However, Kelly consistently blurred the boundaries. She made it clear that Matt was expected to keep her in the loop and share ideas about the wedding and the house they were building. Not only did she want to share a poem at the wedding, but she also wanted to officiate it as well.

When Kim received a job offer in Austin, Texas, and Matt refused to leave his mother, she realized how toxic the situation was. The I Love A Mama’s Boy duo separated, and Matt began dating Brittany. Although the duo seemed to hit it off in the early stages of their relationship, they hit a roadblock when Matt started dating other women. Taking gaslighting techniques from 90 Day Fiancé’s Colt, Matt denied any allegations, only to learn the next day that he had another girlfriend. Unfortunately, their relationship came to a halt.

After finding out that Matt was dating other women, Brittany confronted him. The couple fought and Brittany found him to be “vile,” which resulted in their breakup. However, in an interview on The Sarah Fraser Show podcast, the I Love A Mama’s Boy star acknowledged his mistakes. He claimed, “I didn’t take the best approach. I took a coward’s way out.” According to Matt, the couple hadn’t seen each other in some time, and he was taken aback by her reaction. Sometimes, he just says the “wrong things.”

During the blowout, Matt also made a mention for Brittany to write a country song, and the insults continued to soar. Their breakup ended with both stomping angrily in opposite directions and, unfortunately, many viewers found his 90 Day Fiance Colt-like antics to be a red flag. Many were glad to see Brittany leave the relationship. Now he’s moved on to Devon Hawley. The duo have been together for six months and seem to be doing well.

In fact, the duo are considering a possible engagement soon. Kelly is still weary of their connection, though, as she doesn’t want to lose her traveling partner. As of now, it’s unclear whether there will be another season, but Matt seems open to rejoining the series. In the end, I Love A Mama’s Boy viewers wish the best for Matt as he navigates his love life with his overbearing mother close by.