‘Sister Wives’: Janelle Shuts Down Robyn – Stands by Her Kids

Sep 22, 2022

Sister Wives star Janelle Brown wouldn’t listen to what Robyn Brown had to say when it came to her kids ganging up on their father.

Robyn says she tried to talk to both Janelle and Christine Brown last week on the TLC series. But when she did, no one wanted to listen. She says this made her feel helpless.

Sister Wives: Janelle Brown Lacks Robyn Brown’s Type of Marriage

Janelle Brown no longer keeps things under wraps. It seems as if this season she is telling it like it is without holding too much back.

Christine and Meri Brown openly admitted to no intimacy with Kody Brown any longer. But Janelle stayed mum on that topic as they did this during the Sister Wives episodes and interviews. That is up until now.

Sister Wives: Robyn Brown - Janelle Brown

Janelle Brown doesn’t refer to the intimate piece of her marriage. But she reveals that she doesn’t have the same type of marriage that Robyn Brown has. The same goes for her co-wife, Christine. But this Sister Wives bride was not willing to live that way any longer.

Janelle says that Kody meets her needs. So, she finds her marriage “adequate” for her lifestyle. But the same doesn’t hold true for her kids.

Janelle Can Walk in Their Shoes

This second wife from the Sister Wives brood backs up her kids. She can step into their shoes and see what they experience from their father. Garrison recently disowned Kody and Janelle understands why.

As the mama bear type, Janelle always stands behind her kids. But the tables have turned. Those Sister Wives cubs are now adults, and it is their mom who they stand behind today.

Janelle said her kids don’t like the way Kody Brown treats her. They’re also peeved over the lack of time Kody spends with them at Janelle’s house. Plus, they see a great deal of his attention focused on Robyn and her kids.

Sister Wives: Robyn Reaches Out but Is Shut Down

Robyn seems to have a thorn in her side over Kody’s grown kids blaming her for everything. She also doesn’t understand why these adult kids ganged up on their father.

Robyn Brown said she tried to reach out to the second and third wives to talk about their disgruntled kids. But she was shut down. So, Robyn says the older kids are ganging up on Kody, which makes him mad.

Janelle painted the up-to-date Sister Wives portrait for the viewers during the last episode. It’s a family divided. Janelle and Christine are on one side. Then there’s Robyn and Meri Brown on the other side hanging in there with the Sister Wives patriarch.

Both the second and third wives made it clear that Kody favors Robyn Brown, which the youngest wife still denies.

Too Many Pieces to Put Back Together Again?

Today it sounds as if there’s very little chance of even three of Kody’s wives putting the pieces back together. While Christine made it clear she’s had it with Kody favoring Robyn, it looks like Janelle is also almost there.

So, Robyn, who once prided herself on bringing the family together by teaching them how to communicate, apparently lost her touch. By her own admission, she tried to fix things with the other wives and adult kids. But they wanted nothing to do with her.

The kids especially see her as a big piece of the problem. As far as Janelle Brown is concerned, she understands why her kids feel that way and stands behind them. So, it looks like the viewers are watching the start of the demise of the Sister Wives’ family as communication comes to a grinding halt.