Myrka Cantu became a part of TLC Unexpected when she was 16 years old. Well, her storyline followed a lot of hardships and drama. It turns out she moved to her boyfriend, Ethan Ybarra’s house when her mother kicked her out. Well, it happened when she made her pregnancy public. Although the couple is no longer together, they share a baby girl, Attalie, with them and are co-parents. Now, Myrka is 18 years old and has gotten pregnant once again with her current boyfriend. Lately, she admitted that it was planned. Keep reading to know more details.

TLC Unexpected: Myrka Admits She Planned Having Baby #2 With Current Boyfriend?

Myrka Cantu became a familiar face when TLC aired Unexpected Season 4. It turns out she was only 16 at the time of having her first baby. While her boyfriend’s family was supportive of her, the teen mom’s own mother didn’t want her living in their house. At last, they were able to mend things and, she finally gave birth to a baby girl, Attalie. It turns out that Myrka is having another baby. A while ago, she made her second pregnancy public. As she is only 18, the young reality TV star is still in high school. Hence, some viewers were quick to give her backlash for committing the same mistake twice.

TLC Unexpected

Well, Myrka finally opened up about having her second baby on Instagram. While replying to a comment, the star stated that her pregnancy didn’t happen by “accident”. Therefore, fans now think that she and her baby daddy planned to extend their family. Despite this, some continued to give her hate on Reddit. That’s because they think the couple is still very young to take over such a responsibility, especially the teen mom. That’s because she will be looking after two kids by now. However, the TLC Unexpected star has not yet reacted to this backlash by now.

TLC Unexpected: Myrka Does A Boyfriend Reveal! Having Baby #2 With Him

While Myrka’s relationship with her first baby daddy Ethan was a part of national TV, things are different now. That’s because she is no longer a part of the show. In fact, she has also spoken ill about the crew after her time on the series was over. Well, now that she is pregnant again, the teen is keeping a lot of things private. Initially, she revealed the news about her current pregnancy 15 weeks later. Apart from this, she would often mention having the child with her boyfriend but wouldn’t post him. However, she did talk about his height in the past but revealed nothing more.

TLC Unexpected

It looks like Myrka couldn’t hold it in any longer. Hence, she finally put up a photo from her man’s graduation ceremony on her social media. While Myrka’s boyfriend was in a ceremonial robe and carrying Attalie, she was dressed in white, flaunting her baby bump. Apparently, the ex-castmate only did a face reveal and didn’t even reveal his name. As a result, a lot remains unknown about his identity and their relationship. Keep track of all the latest TLC Unexpected news only through TLC News Online. Keep track of all the latest details only through TLC News Online.