For years, Welcome to Plathville stars Kim and Barry Plath left breadcrumbs behind, which fans think were clues that they were headed for divorce.

Kim and Barry Plath from Welcome to Plathville may have tried to hide their problems, but there were multiple signs that they were headed for a divorce. The couple was together for two decades, and share nine children. Now, both are trying to navigate the waters of their single lives.

Kim and Barry preached about their conservative beliefs, and often pushed their views down their kids’ throats. Kim was frequently seen telling her daughters that they needed to be submissive in order to be considered good wives. Barry was the breadwinner, and worked hard to provide for his large family. The two often seemed to present a united front, even during tumultuous fights with their older son, Ethan Plath. However, all was not as it appeared, with the Plath matriarch and patriarch revealing that they were in a very unhappy marriage.

Instead of working through their marital issues, Kim and Barry chose to push the escape button, and ended their 25-year marriage. Even though the couple tried to make their life together look like it was all sunshine and roses, a trail of breadcrumbs made some fans realize that divorce was always in the cards. Below are a few clues that the Plath family tried to hide from their followers:

Welcome To Plathville’s Kim Gets Close To Other Men

As things were getting uncomfortable in the Welcome to Plathville household, Kim decided to bring around a few men, whom she called family friends. During the show, Kim chose to invite a guy to her home for a family dinner, after meeting him at the gym. She was also caught by TLC cameras later on, having a drink with another male. It was obvious that Kim didn’t feel appreciated by Barry, and was lashing out by looking for attention from other men.

Welcome To Plathville’s Barry Does Not Emote

Welcome to Plathville fans have often joked that Barry could be a robot or an alien. The patriarch hasn’t changed his smirk through four seasons, and plenty of viewers think that he lacks emotional integrity. Fans started to question Barry’s inability to show empathy when he fought with Ethan, since his facial expressions never changed. During season 4, Kim tried to share her true feelings, but Barry just kept the same detached expression on his face, which turned Kim off.

Welcome To Plathville’s Kim And Barry Make Marriage A Priority

Sadly, between losing their toddler Joshua Plath (he died following a tragic car accident), fighting with Ethan, and dealing with Moriah Plath’s rebellious stage, the couple never really had time to put their union first. Instead, they were pushed and pulled in different directions, while trying to please everyone around them. Barry may have been fine with the status quo, but the Welcome to Plathville mother clearly fell out of love.