This year has been tough for My Big Fat Fabulous Life cast member, Whitney Way Thore and her family. Fans are currently watching how the family deal with the aftermath of their matriarch, Babs’ stroke. Fans find it difficult to watch their favorite go through a hard time. But there is another devastating news.

Does Whitney Thore’s Cat Have Cancer?

The most recent season of MBFFL shows us that the Thore Family have been going through a lot. The Matriarch, Babs has made it to her new care facility. She is also making progress in rehab. However, she has not fully recovered, and her daughter is worried. Now, someone else in the family is dealing with health issues. A newly released clip shows Whitney and Lennie arriving to the vet.

Another Thore Family Member Battles With An Illness

Lennie holds Whitney’s cat, Henchi in a carrier on his lap while Whitney drives. The duo look worried about the pet. Whitney shared that she took her cat in for a cold, but the vet said that they found a mass in the pet’s mouth.

According to the vet, the mass is cancerous and they needed to biopsy it immediately. This isn’t the first time the vet suspected that Henchi had cancer, but the last biopsy came out clean. Now, Whitney is so scared that her cat might not cheat death this time around.

Lennie also says that he feels so bad for Whitney and her family as they navigate during this chapter of their lives. Whitney has to deal with her sick mother and her sick cat. Hopefully, things turn out very right for the family.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life’s Whitney need fans’ love and support as she takes care of her sick mum and her sick cat. Meanwhile, Bab’s husband, is spending a lot of time making her feel special as she recovers. It is good to see the family support each other in this trying times.