7 Little Johnstons star Trent Johnston and his wife Amber make one of the most beautiful couples in the reality TV world. They were blessed with beautiful kids, and the family of seven happily lived in their beautiful house. However, with time things changed, and sadly, the kids wanted to move out of the house. There is so much going on in the family, and amidst all this, Trent’s health became a major issue. He was facing problems with breathing. The star recently visited a doctor to study more about his disease. Moreover, he was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea, and now the star underwent another sleep study to know more about the disease. Keep reading for more details.

7 Little Johnstons: Trent Learns About Sleep Apnea

Trent Johnston left everyone shocked when he talked about being diagnosed with sleep apnea. The reality television star is undergoing a sleep study to know more about his disease. As per TLCNewsOnline, his wife took him for another test. He faced the same health issues 15 years back, and now the star is facing it again. Reportedly, he is suffering from a serious sleep disorder. His breathing repeatedly stops and starts. In the past 15 years, Mr. Johnston underwent the treatment about two or three times. The last time he was diagnosed was six years ago. However, he is not the only one in the family with sleep apnea. Johnston revealed that his father also suffered from the same, and so did his mother.

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Unfortunately, Trent lost his brother because of sleep apnea. It runs in the family’s blood, and this makes him more conscious about his health. Meanwhile, his wife Amber is very careful to take care of her husband. She treats him like a child. The lovebirds share an amazing bond. While talking to the cameras, the star said that Amber was excited because she got to sleep at night without him. However, Amber corrects him saying she was happy because she got to strap him all up. The beautiful couple was spotted flirting on the cameras while talking about the incident. He playfully called her a good nurse while she burst out laughing.

7 Little Johnstons: Trent & Amber Invade Ashley’s Privacy

The 7 Little Johnston star Trent and Amber’s kids Jonah had moved back to his parent’s house. However, things remained the same. He struggled to get time to spend with his girlfriend as their family members always surrounded them. Moreover, Amber had not allowed them to stay together by saying they would stay on different floors.

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Besides this, Jonah’s parents also tried to invade his privacy. Amber and Trent went through his phone and read his girlfriend Ashley’s texts. In addition, the Johnston parent confronted him and talked about Jonah’s lie. Shockingly, Ashley was not angry with them. She worried about her boyfriend’s lie and talked to him about it. Fans were shocked by her reaction. What do you think about the same? Tell us in the comments below. Also stay tuned to TLC News Online for more updates.