Karen Everett’s Funniest Lines On The Family Chantel

Sep 23, 2022

On The Family Chantel, Karen Everett is the snarkiest member of the cast. She never fails to entertain viewers with her iconic one-liners.

On The Family Chantel, Karen Everett is Chantel Jimeno’s overprotective and outspoken mother, and it’s time to share her most notable quotes from the series. The matriarch had many memorable moments, and uttered iconic lines during conversations with family members. Most viewers find her statements very funny. She made her first breakthrough in the reality TV industry on 90 Day Fiancé season 4, alongside her husband, Thomas Everett. Karen was against Pedro and Chantel’s relationship, and even hired a private investigator to dig into Pedro’s past.

Despite Karen’s concerns, Pedro and Chantel ended up marrying by the 90 Day Fiancé season 4 finale. To give viewers more Jimeno-Everett drama, a new spin-off show was introduced, The Family Chantel. At first, viewers didn’t like Karen, due to her prior theatrics during 90 Day Fiancé. However, fans definitely seem to have fun watching her on Pedro and Chantel’s series. She is that sarcastic mother who always protects her children, and bashes the people who hurt them.

When Pedro filed for divorce during The Family Chantel season 4, he wanted to let Chantel know what he’d done. He seemingly was hoping to see her emotional reaction after she heard the news. However, his plan was ruined by Karen. According to ET, while having the tense confrontation with Pedro, Karen criticized him, saying, “Well, I think you have everything that you need because you asked for a divorce, so you’re going to be happy, and you’ll have the most fabulous divorce ever, and I mean ever.”

That zinger reminded viewers of her days on 90 Day Fiancé, when she was afraid that Pedro and his family might be taking advantage of Chantel to get a Green Card. She judged Pedro’s family by remarking, “they’re trying to harvest the American dollar,” which was one of the most iconic lines spoken on the show. She again commented on Pedro’s relatives while trying to make a point about their behavior: “Things are about to get a lot stupider.”

Amid all the family drama, Karen never failed to sarcastically entertain viewers. During The Family Chantel season 1, when Chantel’s parents and Pedro were not on good terms. Karen verbally smacked Pedro, by saying “You must think my daughter is like a store. But guess what? Nothing’s for sale!” She has been constantly supportive to Chantel throughout all the divorce drama. However, Karen always saw the flaws in her kids’ partners, which her adult children failed to spot. Karen was at her best when her son Royal Wylie ignored red flags with Angenette Wylie. She sarcastically stated, “I don’t know if he’s blinded by love or blinded by science I have no idea, but it doesn’t take rocket science to figure this out.”

When Karen was asked by The Family Chantel production about Chantel cleaning out the cash in an account that she shared with Pedro, she stayed tight-lipped, and just laughed. The famous and charismatic mother always tries her best to convey her message through her signature one-liners, or via smirks. What is certain is that fans clearly appreciate Karen’s boldness and honest approach. Whenever she believes strongly in something, or finds a situation messy, Karen Everett’s sense of humor gets mixed in with her opinions, making for fierce and hilarious remarks.