Shayden and Lexus became part of the first two seasons of TLC Unexpected. In fact, they had quite a dramatic storyline. That’s because the couple began facing hardships in their relationship after the latter cheated on him. At last, both of them called it quits. But the drama doesn’t end here. Since Shayden moved on, he went on to get another woman pregnant. Well, it looks like something similar has happened again. Shayden’s current partner, Kaylan Bryant, took to her social media to announce she is pregnant with his baby! So, Shayden will be having his third baby with a different baby mama yet again. Keep reading to know more details about this.

TLC Unexpected: Shayden Having His THIRD BABY With A Different Woman

Shayden Massey became a prominent celebrity when he appeared on TLC Unexpected. In fact, his journey on the show began with his childhood sweetheart Lexus. Apparently, both of them have known each other since they were 12. At last, Lexus was 15 when she got pregnant with his baby. However, they couldn’t be together as she cheated on him when he was in jail, serving time for a probation violation. However, they agreed to co-parent their little girl, Scarlett, at last. Hence, the reality show captured their journey doing the same.

As Shayden had moved on, a few years later, there was news that he got another girl pregnant. Well, it was a woman by the name of Kylee Mariee, and they have a daughter together too, Everleigh. Alas, that relationship, too, didn’t work out. TLC Unexpected fans were really in shock again when Shayden’s recent lover Kaylan Bryant took to her social media to announce her pregnancy. Therefore, viewers disapproved of the TV star for repeating the same mistake not once but thrice. Hence, he is now a baby daddy to three different women.

TLC Unexpected: Shayden Massey Engaged To Kaylan Bryant?

While the TLC Unexpected fanbase was fuming on Reddit over Shayden’s news, there is a lot more that happened in his life. Apart from the probation violation and driving without a license, the teen star had been in trouble with the law for more serious crimes. Well, one of them was “possession of a controlled substance”. Therefore, this led to his arrest too in 2020, as per Starcasm. However, there is not much information about what the star is doing these days.

In fact, he rarely updates his social media handle. However, his current love interest Kaylan Bryant is quite active on social media. Apparently, she put up a video where she was covering her mouth with her hand. Well, TLC Unexpected fans couldn’t help but notice an engagement ring. Hence, speculation began if the couple was engaged to one another. However, the new couple has not yet made any official announcement about it apart from their pregnancy. Keep track of all the latest TLC Unexpected news only through TLC News Online.