Lydia Plath may be finding herself on the wrong side of history. A fun day out with friends is forcing fans to question her character and education.

Lydia Plath prefers to avoid confrontation on Welcome to Plathville. She strives for peace in the chaos and will ultimately put everyone else’s needs ahead of her own. However, try as she might, life can’t always be smooth sailing. Fans are now questioning the Plathville star’s education and empathy because of a recent Instagram post she proudly uploaded to her account.

Lydia is considered to be the equalizer in her family on Welcome to Plathville. Whenever there has been any discord or tension, she has been the one to try and bring everyone back together. Her caring and nurturing demeanor has been a source of comfort for her younger siblings as they are dealing with the aftermath of their parent’s separation. As Kim and Barry Plath are busy ironing out the details of their impending divorce, Lydia is trying her best to be there for her family as best she can.

Although Lydia goes out of her way to not rock the boat, she has unintentionally upset many Welcome to Plathville fans. She recently posted photos on her Instagram account participating in a Civil War reenactment with her friends and younger sister, Amber Plath. Lydia captioned the post, “A Civil War re-enactment! Wow! May we always remember our history, where we came from and what we stand for! Am I proud of this war? Absolutely not! But we MUST NOT forget our history.” Fans didn’t hesitate to call Lydia out about what she is representing by reenacting this particular part of history. One user wrote, “Yikes. This is so problematic and hurtful to others. If reenacting a war is ‘fun’ I don’t think you learned very much about what really happened.”

Lydia’s participation in this reenactment really surprised and angered many Welcome to Plathville fans. This isn’t the first time Lydia’s homeschool education has been questioned. Her mother, Kim Plath, has taken the responsibility of homeschooling all the Plath children, but they didn’t receive a high school diploma when they graduated. If any of the kids wish to pursue higher education, they will have to get their GED first. This fact has brought up the validity of their education and what they were taught. Another user wrote, “Civil war? Maybe homeschooling did not teach you what civil war really was.” While Lydia enjoyed the time spent with her friends, fans were disappointed that Lydia would happily participate in such a controversial moment in history. Another user wrote, “Lydia, you are better than this…”

Lydia’s post was seen as insensitive and unflattering among most fans. Although Lydia did not intentionally mean to hurt or offend anyone, her participation and blatant disregard for what the Civil War represents truly frustrated people. The Welcome to Plathville star’s homeschool education was limited compared to the teachings she would have received in a typical classroom setting.

Lydia isn’t necessarily getting a pass for her behavior, but overall, Welcome to Plathville fans want her to know the true implications that this moment in history had. They also want her to understand why her post is hurtful and why it is casting her in a negative light even if she didn’t mean for it to. Hopefully, Lydia will heed their advice and put more thought into her next outing with friends.