‘Sister Wives’ Meri Brown Still Beating Dead Horse?

May 17, 2022

Sister Wives fans have followed Meri Brown’s journey for over twelve years now. They have seen her through her highs and lows of plural marriage. Most recently, they have deemed her pathetic for sticking around and taking the bare minimum. Yet there is something the business owner constantly does that some fans may be over.

Sister Wives Fans Meet Meri And Her Dark Secret

Meri’s main contribution to the Brown family was being the first and only legal wife to Kody. She had been working but lost her job when he family decided to go public. They were proud polygamists but not everyone supported what they stood for. The crux of her storyline was that she helped to recruit Kody’s fourth wife Robyn. That led to her desire to have more children, something she struggled with for years. Her first two sister wives gave Kody six children each while Meri only had one daughter, Mariah.


After Robyn gave birth to Solomon, she offered to be a surrogate for Meri and Kody. There was also talk of IVF which was something Kody and Mariah were very much on board with. Unfortunately, Meri was not so sure this was the route she wanted to take. Eventually, she fell into dark times and sought companionship on the internet. There, she was catfished and it spelled the finale of their marriage. She went onto started two businesses and live her own life. Yet she has been promoting something she may want to start practicing rather than preaching.

Talk Is Cheap

Season 16 of Sister Wives was rough on Meri. She openly admitted if she fell ill with Covid, no one would know or maybe even care. Janelle claimed this was untrue and that she would always be there for her sister wife. Furthermore, she realised at every bit of attention Kody gave her, regardless of what it was for. Finally, she shared she and Kody had not been intimate in around a decade but that she would be staying in this type of marriage. That was something Christine could not do. Thoughout it all, Meri would constantly post cryptic quotes on her social media.


She would also share quotes about being courageous and having strength. It has come to the point where fans are sick of the posts because it is time she either put up or shut up. Meri needs to leave this loveless and intimacy-free marriage where she is getting nothing in return. Rather, she needs to go off and find what makes her truly happy and fulfilled. She seems happiest away from the family, pursuing her work endeavors. It is great to be motivational and to want to help others but first, one has to hep themselves.

Do you think Meri is beating a dead horse by constantly posting things she does not really practice? Let us know in the comments.