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‘Sister Wives’: Gwendlyn Wants Christine to Switch Teams & Date This Woman


Th1 31, 2023

Sister Wives star Christine Brown has Gwendlyn Brown suggesting a new angle on dating, but it’s a bit far-fetched for this TLC celebrity. Christine’s kids love and respect her immensely. But sometimes they push her to expand her horizons beyond her comfort zone.

So, this new idea could fall into that category. Recently, Gwendlyn shared her thoughts about her mom and Janelle Brown. Both women are single today and close friends as well.

Their friendship was easy to see during the last season of the TLC show. So, they spend a lot of time together. But it looks like Gwendlyn Brown would like to see this go even further.

Sister Wives: Gwendlyn Brown Wants Christine Brown to Test the Waters

There’s no hiding that Janelle Brown’s kids think of Christine Brown as their second mom. The same goes for Christine’s kids, Janelle is another mom to them as well. So, Gwendlyn, who loves both these women has an idea.

This Sister Wives daughter floats out a “what if” to her followers on social media. She would like to see Christine and Janelle get together. Apparently, she feels they make a good match — romantically.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown

Most viewers of the show agree these two women make great friends. But as far as them turning into romantic partners, well, that seems like a bit of a stretch. Christine explained a while back that Gwendlyn teases her about dating women.

But that’s not something Christine has any interest in at the moment. So it looks like Gwendlyn Brown might like to see her two moms in a dating relationship. But from what her mom said in the past, it’s a man she seeks for romance now that she’s dating again..

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Janelle Brown Enjoys the New Ride with Christine

Christine and Janelle are both fairly new single women after ending their marriages with Kody Brown. To clarify, Christine considers herself divorced. But Janelle thinks of herself as separated from their Sister Wives husband.

Christine no longer follows the religion that dictates rules around divorce. But Janelle still keeps her religion and stays pretty close to the protocols that the church sets forth.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - Gwendlyn Brown

So, Janelle doesn’t use the word divorced to describe her marital status. Instead, the description of separation is more in keeping with the religion the Sister Wives family follows.

Still, no matter how they categorize their marital status, both these ladies enjoy their new solo ride in life. They also enjoy each other’s company after being Sister Wives together for close to 30 years.

But then, Gwendlyn suggests that her two moms start to date each other. Well, that doesn’t look like something that will happen. Still, neither Christine nor Janelle spoke out about Gwendlyn’s latest idea. And don’t forget this Sister Wives daughter has quite the sense of humor as well.

Sister Wives: Christine Says Yes to Spinoff

One of the things Gwendlyn Brown advocated for is a spinoff for her two moms. Recently, Christine Brown spoke to the idea of a Sister Wives spinoff, and she was all for it.

But since she has been a cornerstone of the Sister Wives show for more than a decade, she’s staying on the original show. That is what she said in a new interview.

This third wife to marry Kody Brown said she will stay with the show as long as it keeps rolling along. But with fans seeing enough upsetting behavior from Kody over the last few seasons, the shelf life of the TLC show is anybody’s guess.

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So, maybe down the line, a spinoff show for Janelle and Christine Brown may become feasible. But until then you can see them in the upcoming new season of Sister Wives, which sounds like most of it has been filmed already.

But during another interview on the One-on-One three-part segment, this divorced wife told her side of things above in the video. Then, Gwendlyn had her say about what her dad said as well.

Christine’s Daughter Bites Back at Dad

Gwendlyn gave a shout-out to her father over what she heard him say about her mom on the Sister Wives show. He claimed his ex turned her kids away from him.

But Gwendlyn assures her dad that it was the Sister Wives‘ kids who talked their mom into walking away from him. It was not the other way around as he claims.

But as far as Gwendlyn Brown’s ideas on dating go, while Janelle and Christine Brown may start dating, it’s doubtful it will be with each other. Still, this daughter’s post about her two moms dating each other was likely a bit of comedy on her part. But some fans suggest that’s how rumors start.

Although veteran fans of these two Sister Wives women know enough about the ladies to come to the conclusion, that’s too far-fetched.

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