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1000-Lb Best Friends star begs for ‘help’ as she can’t stop crying after surgery

TLC star Vannessa Cross, who rose to fame on 1000-Lb Best Friends, has shared a desperate message to her friends, fans and family telling them that she is “wondering if she’s pretty” after surgery

1000-Lb Best Friends star Vannessa Cross has taken to social media to send out an urgent plea to her co-stars.

The TLC favourite shared a picture of bright pink flowers with white text over the top in a desperate attempt to reach out to her friends and fans.

The post read: “Since surgery, my emotions are all over. I [have] been crying for two hours wondering if I’m even a little pretty.”

She then tagged her co-stars Meghan, Tina and Ashely and simply begged with the word “help”.

Hundreds of fans flocked to the comments to support the reality TV star after her distressing message.

Meghan left her pal a sweet statement and told her that she “loves her” and assured Vannessa that she is “beautiful inside and out,” that she is “strong” and that she should “stand tall and straighten her crown”.

One fan joined in the praise and tried to build Vannessa’s self esteem with an uplifting comment for the star.

They wrote: “Do you know why you’re more than a little pretty? You have an inner beauty that shines through and through from the inside out. I’ve never watched any of the shows until I ran across yours.”

Vannessa is well-loved on the TLC show
Vannessa is well-loved on the TLC show (Image: TLC)

The fan went on to say that Vannessa is “beautiful and shines like a diamond”.

Another viewer gushed: “You have such a big heart and soul! You are beautiful! Don’t ever forget that Vannessa! You’re doing awesome!”

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Others flocked to say that she is “their favourite lady on the show,” that they admire her “strength and dedication” and that Vannessa “gives them strength to move”.

Vannessa is a fan favourite on the TLC show and viewers were left chuckling after recent scenes saw her wedding dress shopping with Meghan.

Viewers couldn't stand Vannessa feeling down in the dumps

The duo could be seen in a bridal shop and were debating over the style of Meghan’s dress for the big day.

Vannessa urged her pal to get a backless number, but Meghan shut her down immediately and complained that she has “two sets of boobs”.

Cross tried to lift her spirits and told her to “love herself” but Crumpler wasn’t having any of it.

She later told the camera that there are “certain things big girls just have to deal with”.

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