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Why MBFFL Fans Are Loving Lennie’s Artwork In Memory Of Babs

Lennie Alehat is an accomplished and skillful artist, and My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans love that he used his talent to pay tribute to Barbara Thore.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans are loving Lennie Alehat’s tribute to the late Barbara “Babs” Thore. Lennie used his talent and creativity to honor her through his artwork. Her recent passing hasn’t only affected the Thore family but everyone who was in her life.

My Big Fat Fabulous Life star Whitney Way Thore shared that her mother died on December 7, 2022, with her family by her side. Whitney has leaned on her closest friends for support and comfort through this difficult time. Babs funeral services were held on December 17, 2022. Lennie and Whitney’s other friends, Buddy Bell and Tal Fish, were pallbearers. The outpouring of love for Babs and the impact that she had on everyone around her on- and off-screen is evident.

Lennie Alehat Memorialized Babs Thore With His Art

Lennie shared his painting depicting a portrait of Babs on his Instagram account. He captioned the post, “What a year we’ve endured.” His followers were touched to see him use his talent to honor the unforgettable Barbara “Babs” Thore through a beautiful piece of art. One fan commented on the post, “Gorgeous painting of Babs, you are really talented!” My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans were moved by his tribute and were happy to see that he is remaining close to Whitney and her family during this life-altering situation.

Lennie’s unending support and friendship throughout the years have meant a lot to Whitney. She knows she can always count on him in the good and the bad times, and this painful moment in her life is no exception. Even though things didn’t work out between the two romantically, many fans think Lennie is the perfect platonic friend. My Big Fat Fabulous Life fans were thrilled to see that Lennie’s Instagram post also showed just how close their bond is. He shared moments with friends surrounding Whitney and her father, Glenn Thore, with love and laughs and playing games during the holiday season. Another fan commented on the post, “This makes me so happy. Such lovely loving people.”

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As Whitney and her family navigate through the changes of losing Babs, it is important that Lennie and her friends are there for her. Babs was a big part of her life, and her presence and the impact that she had on Whitney’s life will never be forgotten. It is unclear what My Big Fat Fabulous Life will look like going forward, but Babs will certainly be missed.

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