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Why The Family Chantel Fans Think Pedro Is Signing Divorce Papers


Th2 10, 2023

The Family Chantel’s Pedro Jimeno has become a controversial reality TV villain, and Chantel Everett’s ex is reportedly signing divorce papers.

Pedro Jimeno is being discussed by The Family Chantel fans, who are wondering if his divorce is finalized, or if he is working on other plans with his lawyer this week. He filed for divorce from Chantel Everett on May 27, 2022, following a month-long separation, People who follow the show have not found evidence that Pedro’s divorce from his 90 Day Fiancé wife was finalized. However, fans are speculating that the legal process may finally be over.

After a five-year marriage with Chantel, The Family Chantel star Pedro Jimeno shocked viewers with his change of heart during season 4. Pedro went from loving his Atlanta wife to suddenly being annoyed by all of her actions. The Dominican Republic native branded Chantel lazy, hurled other insults at her, and stopped spending time at home. Pedro gained independence from Chantel by finding work as a real estate agent, and suddenly checked out of their marriage. She tried to work through things with him, though Pedro made it clear that he was done. He was then accused of cheating on Chantel, though he has not officially declared himself to be with anyone else since their split.

Is The Family Chantel’s Pedro Jimeno A Single Man

Reddit user u/Super_Hyena shared a photo from Pedro’s Instagram Story that showed him posing with two women. It featured the text, “New Beginning.” While some online fans thought that Pedro might be hinting at a new romantic connection, the Reddit user asked, “Is this the lawyer from the show?”

Commenters immediately noted that Pedro had papers in front of him, and believed that he might be signing his divorce papers, rather than dating someone new. “Looks like her, Afiya hikinson, that’s her name,” one person said, referencing his lawyer. “I’m guessing those are his divorce papers in front of him,” another fan mused, although some Redditors on the thread weren’t convinced. “She also specializes in immigration cases so she could be working with him on his citizenship,” another user added.

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The Family Chantel Fans Don’t Trust Pedro Jimeno

While commenters interpreted The Family Chantel star Pedro’s photo as an indication that he was working on something with his lawyer, rather than hinting that he had a new love interest, many users stated that they still didn’t like or trust Pedro, following his dramatic split. “I can’t stand to see that scheming jerk’s face. Chantel is so well rid of him,” one top commenter declared. “I want to see chantel!!!!!!!!! and exploring her dating life without pedro,” another user shared. Other commenters also called out Pedro. Another fan remarked, “Is it just me or does anyone else find this sus? Who has lunch with their lawyer?.” Several commenters wondered if Pedro had been drinking.

Although The Family Chantel fans have not found evidence that Pedro and Chantel’s divorce was finalized, it does appear that the two exes have finished their divorce proceedings. Some people thought they might be faking a breakup to create a compelling storyline for The Family Chantel season 5, though the animosity and bitterness between the exes appears to be real. Meanwhile, Pedro has made it clear that he is living his life as a single man, and is no longer with Chantel. She has been quieter on social media, but has said that she is also thriving on her own. However, The Family Chantel online commenters have still shared that they want to see Chantel and her family return to TLC for more content, now that she is single.

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