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1000 Lb Best Friends: Star Breaks Down After Surgery, Asks For ‘Help’ As It Was Too Painful

1000 Lb Best Friends premiered in 2022, showcasing the lives of four best friends who fight their obesity issues together. The standard and primary focus is to lose weight and get healthier to sustain a better life for themselves. The ladies motivate and support each other to get things done. They share jokes and laughter and have each other’s back in challenging moments. It is a power-packed group set to motivate and be with each other.

People who follow 1000 Lb Best Friends or the cast members would know that Vannessa is now on a serious road to losing weight. She knew the journey would not be easy and often hid her fear behind humor. However, the struggle is worth discussing; the TLC star recently underwent surgery. Although, it has turned out to be a crying assessment for her due to a lot of things. Keep reading to know the real deal.

1000 Lb Best Friends: Vanessa Cross Wonders If She Is Still Pretty After Her Surgery, Asks For Support!

Vannessa Cross had to undergo the road of motivation before hitting the diet and exercise. She had lost her husband and turned to food for comfort. Additionally, the 1000 Lb Best Friends alum had become habitual to it. Hence, breaking the habit which provided her comfort took work. Food was a leeway for her to deal with every kind of low emotion she experienced. This came as a challenge to her, but if one had to see the results, they are drastic.

Her best friend and co-star, Meghan Crumpler, stood by her and motivated her to do more every time. Moreover, she lost significant weight and was approved for bariatric surgery. Although, the surgery has left the 1000 Lb Best Friends alum in a state of doubt. She put a concerning text in an Instagram post over a pink flower background. The text read that her emotions have been all over the place since surgery. Further, Vannsessa admitted to crying incessantly, doubting if she was still pretty.

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She tagged her 1000 Lb Best Friends co-stars and best friends, Tina, Meghan, and Ashley, in the caption, asking them to help her. It is sure known now that the tv personality needs doses of motivation and support to fill in regularly. Thankfully, her best friends, especially Meghan, are always on their toes whenever required. She wrote a big assuring message for Vannessa, actually helping her. The comment started with a heartfelt ‘I love you.’

1000 Lb Best Friends: Fans & Friends Flood-In With Lifting Comments For Vannessa Cross!

In the comment, Meghan further assured Vannessa that she was there for her. She conveyed that the 1000 Lb Best Friends alum is beautiful inside out. Moreover, Meghan comforted her by saying she is a strong girl who has come far. She asked her best friend to stand tall and fix her crown like a queen. Many other fans supported their favorite cast member by hyping her up and asking her not to think otherwise.

An Instagram user wrote that she watches 1000 Lb Best Friends only for Vannessa, and that is a very inspiring figure. Others sent hugs and lovely messages to ensure she was hyped up and stopped crying. People following her journey would know the struggle the reality-tv star has undergone to lose weight and get surgery done. 

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