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1000lb Best Friends fans defend Vanessa after ‘jealous’ Meghan weight loss row

Meghan and Vanessa clashed during the latest episode of the TLC staple when the latter wasn’t convinced about an injury her pal sustained.

1000lb Best Friends returned to TLC with another look into the lives of four women hoping to shift immense amounts of weight. This time things took a turn for the worse after an injury at a fitness camp left Meghan Crumpler and Vanessa Cross rowing, while fans took to social media in droves. 

As well as changing their eating habits, the women pushed their limits with a new fitness regime during Wednesday’s episode. 

Vanessa, Meghan, Tina Arnold and Ashley Sutton all took part in a fitness camp which had them all exercising as part of their new healthy lifestyle. 

However, as they were getting their heart rates pumping, Meghan put a stop to the class after getting a splinter. 

While they waited for the medic, Vanessa fumed: “Meghan’s over here crying about some d**n splinter instead of realising, we accomplished something, we did it.

“Here Meghan’s going to whine and cry, I’m so over it.”

As Meghan winced in pain, Vanessa asked: “It hurts so bad?”

Sensing the sarcasm in her tone, Meghan hit back: “Please shut the f**k up right now.”

“What did I do?” Vanessa responded which prompted Meghan to hit back: “I’m asking you to leave me alone, I’m having a moment.”

However, Vanessa wasn’t having any of it and raged: “What did I do?”

1000lb Best Friends: Vanessa

1000lb Best Friends: Vanessa mocked Meghan’s pain (Image: TLC)

1000lb Best Friends: Vanessa and Meghan

1000lb Best Friends: Vanessa and Meghan are on a weight loss journey (Image: TLC)

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As Meghan walked away, she shouted back: “Shut the f**k up for once.”

To which Vanessa asked: “What did I do Meghan? Nothing, you need to get out your f******g head, we accomplished something.”

Speaking to the cameras, Vanessa shared: “I would never hit anybody but honey, trust and believe right now I’m ready to punch her in her face and knock her lights out, this is crazy.”

Viewers were also taken aback by the enraged outbursts and took to Twitter to defend Vanessa. 

@Steyvette65 tweeted: “Megan keeps crying that Vanessa always has to be the centre of attention, but it’s ALWAYS HER that acts a damn ass as soon as Vanessa’s on top! It always has to be about HER!”

@FendiiWilliams cited jealousy and added: “Wow Vanessa has lost so much weight! She’s just caring around a lot of skin. No wonder Meghan is hating.”

A third fan @AmyOnRocket wrote: “Meghan said Vanessa has to be the centre of attention! Well, isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black!! And I still think that she is jealous of Vanessa’s weight loss!”

A fuming @coylecalkins shared: “There is some jealousy towards Vanessa because each one of those ladies would be enjoying the moments too. Especially with Meghan if roles were reversed. It’s gross and immature.”

TLC fan @Madame_Wiladina added: “Meghan worry about you take care of you. Instead of fighting and being an overgrown adult toddler. Take a look at you. Vanessa has always been loud and crazy fun. She was cheering you. Hurting from a splinter is stupid. 

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While @coylecalkins noted: “Vanessa, you look amazing. You shifted your mindset. Very inspirational, living your life on your terms for your overall well-being. Fantastic and congratulations.” (sic)

As the cast stepped in between them, Meghan told the cameras: “Somebody needs to hold me back, it’s about to get ugly if she does not shut up, get her away from me, I might do something I regret, seriously.”

Although Meghan was apprehensive about the fit farm she felt accomplished after completing the task and felt more capable than she thought. 

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