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Welcome To Plathville Season 5 Is Allegedly Filming In Los Angeles

A fan claims that Welcome To Plathville season 5 is filming in their neighborhood, and it’s proof that TLC has greenlit another season of the show.

Amid speculation about whether Welcome to Plathville will return with another season, a TLC fan claims to have proof that season 5 is currently in production. Welcome to Plathville became a surprise hit for the network in 2019. Viewers were captivated by the ultra-conservative Christian family and were stunned by how parents Barry and Kim Plath kept their children sheltered. But there has been much upheaval in the Plath family since Welcome to Plathville season 1, and after the season 4 finale, there were doubts that TLC would greenlight another season.

However, there’s fresh evidence to suggest that not only will Welcome to Plathville return, it’s filming right now. A TLC fan took to Reddit under the username filming_notice_s5e5 revealing they received a notice from the network that Welcome to Plathville was going to be filming in their neighborhood. “I live in Los Angeles,” the fan commented, “and I got a notice saying that Welcome to Plathville will be filming on my street this week.” The fan said the notice specified that the filming would be for Welcome to Plathville season 5 episode 5.

The Filming May Be For Micah Plath’s Modeling Storyline

The Reddit user revealed that they live “in an older neighborhood of L.A.,” and they passed by the specific filming location. It seems the spot that TLC is filming at is “an older house that’s been converted to apartments,” and it’s possible that Micah is living there. Welcome to Plathville season 4 documented Micah’s move to L.A. and his efforts to pursue a modeling career. He is probably living on a limited budget, so an older apartment building would be what’s in his price range, and it’s likely that the filming location is his new home.

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Welcome To Plathville Fans Weren’t Sure If The Show Would Return

If the TLC viewer’s claims are accurate, it’s good news for Welcome to Plathville fans. Many viewers were concerned after the season 4 finale, because there were indications that it would be the show’s last. Several fans felt the season finale gave off series finale vibes, and with the Plath family more fractured than ever, it was unclear if the show could continue. The biggest bombshell in Welcome to Plathville season 4 was Kim and Barry’s split, and many fans weren’t sure how that would impact the show’s future. However, it seems that TLC found a way to move forward with the show and incorporate Kim and Barry’s impending divorce. Unless the commenter’s claims are fabricated, fans can expect Welcome to Plathville to air sometime in 2023.

Though the Plath family’s dynamic has changed dramatically since season 1, fans are more interested than ever in their ongoing journey. Welcome to Plathville season 5 will venture into uncharted territory for the Plaths, as Kim and Barry navigate their breakup and figure out how to co-parent, and the Plath children gain more independence and follow their dreams. It’s shaping up that Welcome to Plathville season 5 could be the show’s most compelling season to date.

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