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’90 Day’ : Annie’s Family Members Denied Visa a Second Time — ‘It Crushed My Heart’

In Monday’s episode of David & Annie: After the 90 Days, Annie was anxious for her brother Jordan and cousin Amber when the teenagers had to visit the U.S. immigration office alone

Annie Suwan Toborowsky’s family is facing another heartbreak.

Monday night’s episode of David & Annie: After the 90 Days showed her young family members’ second visa interview ending in yet another denial.

Similar to their first interview process, Annie’s teen brother Jordan and cousin Amber were asked to visit the immigration department alone, as they’re over the age of 14. Even with English classes and rehearsal from David Toborowsky and Annie, things didn’t go as planned once they attended the interview.

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The kids returned from the governmental agency with downcast faces and tears from Amber.

“I answered everything, and it was all going good,” Amber said, translated into English. “I thought I had gotten it. I did my best,” she said before breaking down. Annie hugged Amber and reassured her that she did her best.

Annie’s Family Members Denied Visa a Second Time: ‘It Crushed My Heart’

“Even though she [says] she did her best, and she [does] not feel regrets, she is still 17. So, when I see her crying, it crushed my heart,” Annie said later in an interview.

Though Amber was upset about the missed opportunity, Annie’s 15-year-old brother Jordan didn’t take it quite as personally. Throughout the season, Jordan has expressed hesitations about moving to the U.S.

On Monday’s episode, he explained why he’s not heartbroken over getting denied: “It’s not that I feel happy, but I feel more relieved. Now I’ll be able to go home.”

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 After the 90 Days Sneak Peek: Annie’s Relatives Say They’ve ‘Failed’ After Being Denied U.S. Visas

This isn’t the first time viewers have seen an emotional step back in the visa process. A 2022 episode of David & Annie: After the 90 Days showed an identical situation in which both Jordan and Amber were denied an American visa.

At the time, Amber told cameras, “When I knew I didn’t get the visa, I felt like I’ve disappointed Annie and David. I felt like they have done so much for me, and I only had to go for a visa interview. And I failed.”

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