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Ranking Big Bang Theory Characters by Their Most Annoying Traits – Are You Guilty of Any?


Th2 14, 2023

With a show like The Big Theory, with such a varied cast of characters, it is almost inevitable that some of their mannerisms would grate on the nerves of fans.

Nobody is perfect, and all our favourites from TBBT are no exception.

Here are their most annoying habits, according to fans on Reddit:


The sweet and awkward Leonard Hofstadter has one habit that fans just cannot stand. The way he squints his eyes and furrows his brows for seemingly no reason at all. Fans find this frustrating and wish he would relax his face more.


Surprisingly, fans did not have a whole lot to say about Sheldon Cooper, who is arguably written to be the most annoying character on the show. But it is his trademark knocking that has fans annoyed. Not that he does it, but that his tone changes throughout the series to become more exaggerated.


Our favourite MIT-trained engineer who is also an astronaut has one habit that fans just find disgusting. Disappointingly, Howard Wolowitz often speaks with his mouth full which is just gross by anyone’s standards.


Rajesh Koothrappali has a couple of habits that get under fans’ skin. But the one above all others that bugs people is his seeming to think that Howard is talking to him every time he calls Bernadette by sweet nickname. Despite the pair’s closeness, fans feel this is unrealistic.


The beautiful Penny has two habits that are equal first for driving fans crazy. Clearing her throat for emphasis, seemingly, when the emphasis is not required, and pulling her lips into a duck-faced pout, again, for no demonstrable reason.

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The only character that fans had no complaints about. It seems Bernadette Rostenkowski-Wolowitz is totally free of annoying habits.


What do fans find most annoying about the adorable Amy Farrah Fowler, who captured Sheldon’s heart along with the hearts of the audience? Her posture of all things. They feel she tends to slouch which becomes distracting.


Even though it is a key part of his character and mainly used for comedic emphasis, fans quickly grew weary of Stuart’s ill health and sad mood.

But it was his jokes about taking medications and contemplating suicide that fans found most objectionable, feeling these are not matters which should be made light of.

And there you have it; the most annoying habits of the main characters from TBBT, with the exception of Bernadette who fans either forgot about or have no problems with.

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