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‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown’s Party Video Captures Interesting Faces in Background


Th2 14, 2023

Sister Wives star Christine Brown appears in a new video taken at a Super Bowl party she held at her home. But it’s the stuff that went on in the background among the famous TLC faces you may find more interesting than the party itself.

Sister Wives: Tasting the Food Prepared by Christine Brown

Christine Brown put out a smorgasbord of delectable delights for her guests. Looking at the various faces in the crowd seemed to suggest some of this food was extremely appetizing.

But then there were a few faces that seemed to indicate the opposite for a few dishes. The grimaces seen on a couple of faces while tasting a dish seem to give that away.

But it appears as if this Sister Wives celeb had enough food there for everyone to find something they’d like.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown
              Sister Wives: Christine Brown – Image Credit: TLC

From the look of things, this ex-wife from the Sister Wives series went wild on the fondue. There were a ton of things for dipping and almost as many sauces to dip them into.

But when a few of the people there weren’t looking, it appeared they were captured on camera with something distasteful in their mouths. Two of them were Christine Brown’s kids.

Leaves a Bad Taste in Your Mouth?

It looks like Ysabel Brown and her brother, Paedon Brown, were both unaware they were caught on camera. Ysabel dipped something in what looked like chocolate and walked away. But as she did, it looked like this Sister Wives sibling was about to spit it out in her hand.

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Then Paedon tried something that was dark brown and the face he made seemed to say it didn’t tickle his fancy at all. But there were plenty more pleasantly pleased faces as they munched on Christine’s offerings.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown's Super Bowl party - Ysabel Brown
   Sister Wives: Christine Brown’s Super Bowl Party – Image Credit: TikTok

A screenshot above seems to show a man who looks a lot like the pics floating around online of Christine Brown’s new boyfriend. Also, see who else you can spot in the background of this video by watching it below.

It looks like this arm of the Sister Wives family may have invited Christine’s new boyfriend to the festivities. A man in the background wearing glasses resembles the photos of David Woolley circling the web.

He is reported as Christine’s new love interest. Like any newcomer to this family, he looks like he’s taking it all in from the sidelines.

Sister Wives: Christine Sneaks a Bowl Away

Christine shows up for a second as she flitters around playing hostess. This Sister Wives mom of six put on a killer spread for her guests. You can catch a fleeting glimpse of some of them in the video below.

Truely Brown and her new blue hairdo pop up for a second, as do Christine, Paedon, and Ysabel. It also looks as if a few other famous faces from the TLC series are also mingling in.

But is that man with the glasses, Christine’s new “exclusive” relationship guy? He looks a little different in size than he did in previous pics online.

That’s if it is him in the background. But the photos circulating of him today might be from a while back. This party happened on Super Bowl Sunday 2023.

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We know that Truely already met this man and approves of her mom dating him. Christine said as much in her gushing announcement about finding a new man.

So, it looks as if he came for the Super Bowl party and rubbed elbows with Christine’s arm of the Sister Wives clan. He looks like a happy guy, as fans suggest he has smiling eyes in the previous photos of him online.

Most of that all, fans think anyone who makes Christine Brown as happy as she was when revealing her new relationship status in life can’t be a bad guy.

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