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‘Sister Wives’: Christine Brown Brags about Love of Her Life (Pics)


Th2 15, 2023

Sister Wives star Christine Brown introduces the “love of her life” after attempting to keep him under wraps for a little while. But her TLC series made her very popular. So, this pushed fans to investigate, and soon his name surfaced.

Still, today Christine decided to follow this up with her official announcement that she’s found her soulmate. Plus, she’s got a lot to say about David Woolley, the man who stole her heart.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown Gushes Over David Woolley

David Woolley is Christine Brown’s, new man and from what she says, this is for the rest of her life. He is a widower, a father of eight, and a grandfather. He also owns a construction company where he lives in Utah.

Just a few days ago he had a few hundred followers on social media. It seems he now boosts 4K and the number rises fast. Update: Now it’s grown to 4.5K, in the last hour as the Sister Wives fans learn his name.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - David Woolley - Mykelti Brown Padron's Twins

Sister Wives fans got a treat from Christine Brown today. They heard the whole story from her, which squashes any rumors floating around out there. Within minutes fans hopped over to David’s site on social media.

Once they learned from this Sister Wives mom, 50, that this man, David, 59, is a keeper, they hunted him down. The famous Sister Wives celebrity let her fans know that David is the real deal, the “love of her life,” her “soulmate,” and her “partner” in life.

Christine’s Love Story with David Unfolds…
It’s as if David anticipated a flood of Sister Wives fans to hit him up on social media. He posted a pic of the two of them. He called Christine his “queen.”

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Fans congratulated David on finding this wonderful woman. Because fans watched as Christine’s heart broke over the way Kody treated her, many asked that David always treat her kindly.

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - David Woolley

Christine writes that the first time David Woolley held her close, “it felt like my soul took its first breath.” She also shares that he’s “incredible” with her kids.

Her hashtags on her post even oozed with love, – “#blessed #soulmate #feelinggood #lovemylife and #partner.” Well, to say Christine Brown is happy today, just might be an understatement.

Sister Wives: The World Now Knows… Including Kody Brown?
Christine said she never dreamed she could find a love such as this. Well, that says a lot for Kody Brown. Unless he is living on a deserted island these days, he had to at least hear about his ex-wife’s announcement.

While this new love has Christine in a whirlwind, you can’t help but wonder if she’s also jabbing Kody a bit with some of the stuff she says. Like, the love of her life.

While many are happy for her today, it seems this moved too quickly for some fans. A few comments suggest that they can’t imagine her getting so serious so soon. But is it really that soon?

Sister Wives: Christine Brown - David Woolley

While it might seem like a quick turnaround for Christine, the reason for that might be we just stopped watching the last season. It was in that season when she decided to leave him.

But in all actuality, it is almost two years now that she considered herself divorced from Kody, so, it’s not a typical rebound. She gave herself time to settle in and let Truely Brown get used to their new Utah home before dating.

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So, it looks like her field of dating is now closed. With that said, she’s in an “exclusive” relationship. There’s not another sister wife around waiting to share this man. So, it looks like this TLC icon is in her glory today.

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