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‘1000-Lb. Best Friends’ Meghan Crumpler Freaks On Wedding Day

The season finale of 1000-Lb. Best Friends is coming and it will be shocking. The day has finally come for Meghan Crumpler to get married. From the looks of it, she is a ball of nerves. She and her fiance, Jon have a renaissance themed wedding and everyone is going to look great. If all goes well, they will be happily married and start their lives together. However, as the time for the wedding gets closer, Meghan starts to freak out. Will she go through with her wedding?

Meghan Crumpler Is A Ball Of Nerves

TLC shared a clip on their Instagram account of the season finale featuring 1000-Lb. Best Friends. The clip begins showing the ladies getting ready for the wedding. Meghan Crumpler looks like a ball of nerves. Ashely Sutton asks her what is going on. Meghan tells her friends, “I am freaking out because I need someone who is going to change with me. Instead, I’m afraid that if I walk down that aisle, he’s going to feel like he doesn’t need to try or put the effort in anymore.” Then she tells the cameras, “This is a fairy tale wedding, but I almost want to run away.” Then we see her tell her friends that she “can’t do this.”

As soon as fans saw this clip, they were quick to share their thoughts about what was going on with Meghan. More so, one viewer didn’t seem shocked that this was happening. They wrote, “Another ‘boo-hoo’ is me moment… Meghan never accomplished anything and it’s always someone else’s fault.” One more added, “The big question is not is she going to run, but the big question is, are they finally going to move out of Tina’s house?” A final critic added, “This wedding looks like it was formulated to create drama for TV. Here TLC goes exploiting these poor women. Don’t get me wrong… I’m still gonna watch.”

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The Season Finale

With all of the changes that the friends have been through, fans are pretty sad to see this season end. We have seen these women go through a horrible boot camp experience and get denied surgeries. Through it all, they have gained quite a large fanbase. Most of them have struggled to lose weight, while it came easier for others. As this season wraps up, there are still a lot of questions about what will happen next for the women. Will Meghan Crumpler leave Jon at the altar? Will she be able to shake the nerves?

Meghan Crumpler- Instagram
Meghan Crumpler- Instagram

Some fans of the show have asked if the show is scripted. Even in the comments to TLC, they mention that the wedding looked staged. Vannessa Cross promised her fans that the show is not scripted. No matter what happens with this season finale, we hope to see Meghan finally make up her mind about marriage and life changes.

Do you think 1000-Lb. Best Friends is scripted? Finally, do you think that Meghan is going to run away from her wedding? We would like to hear what you think in the comments below.

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