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The Family Chantel: All Ways Chantel Flaunts Her Lavish Lifestyle Online


Th3 12, 2023

Chantel Everett might be in scrubs when she’s working as a nurse, but The Family Chantel star flaunts her lavish lifestyle online in her free time.

Chantel Everett is often considered the least flashy half of the former The Family Chantel couple, but the ex-wife of Pedro Jimeno also has a taste for material items and a luxury lifestyle. Pedro has made it clear that he values flashy cars, gold chains, and the image of wealth since his split from Chantel. However, Chantel likes luxury items just as much as her ex-husband.

After 90 Day Fiancé season 5, The Family Chantel‘s Chantel Everett and Pedro got their own spin-off series. In the series, Chantel completed nursing school and began her current job as a registered nurse. Chantel often talks about her career, which sees her tending to patients. However, Chantel has revealed on social media that she has a taste for luxury. The Atlanta native comes from a wealthy family, as her mother Karen Everett’s family has a trust fund; she also enjoys indulging in a lavish lifestyle and flaunting it online for her million followers.

Chantel Everett Buys Herself A Luxury Car

Chantel recently shared an expensive purchase she made with The Family Chantel fans. The nurse shared images of her new Mercedes-Benz SUV in a clip on Instagram. “Shop here and tell them Chantel sent you!” Chantel exclaimed as she tagged the dealership and flaunted her expensive purchase. Chantel, who served many looks post-divorce, was clearly proud of her luxury purchase and wanted her followers to know all about her new car. Her flashy post received a lot of positive attention from her fellow cast mates, family, friends, and fans alike, who all commented on the purchase of her luxury vehicle.

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Chantel Everett Routinely Goes Full Glam

Chantel is one reality TV star who thrives in the spotlight and enjoys being the center of attention. So it’s no surprise that The Family Chantel star enjoys modeling as one of her luxury hobbies, as Chantel’s photo shoots show her getting her hair and makeup done and gets to wear flashy clothes while being photographed by professional companies. Chantel, one of the best-dressed, enjoys going all out for her luxury photo shoots, as she prefers floor-length gowns and can rock gloves and fancy attire. While Chantel has no problem showing off her bare face on Instagram, she also loves full-glam and dramatic makeup while sharing her professional pics with her fans.

Chantel Everett Enjoys Tropical Travels

While Chantel works long hours as a nurse, she enjoys her free time. Chantel loves vacations and enjoys going on trips with her close friends, including several beachy-type trips during the pandemic. The choice to leave the country to travel during lockdown was upsetting, especially since Chantel is a nurse. While her choice of when to travel was controversial, The Family Chantel star Chantel is still a hardworking nurse and deserves to treat herself to something nice, whether it’s a car or a trip.

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