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The Family Chantel: Chantel Hints At New Boyfriend After Divorce


Th3 16, 2023

Is The Family Chantel star Chantel Everett dating a mystery man after her split with Pedro Jimeno? Chantel shares a confusing post amid divorce.

The Family Chantel lead Chantel Everett may have revealed she has a new boyfriend as she goes through a divorce with her ex-husband Pedro Jimeno. The 90 Day Fiancé alum from Atlanta is best remembered for her relationship with Pedro from the Dominican Republic, which lasted for six years until their eventual split in 2022. The cracks in the couple’s married life were visible during The Family Chantel season 4. There was suspicion that Pedro was cheating on Chantel, while he accused his wife of being lazy, even when she works hard at her high-paying job.

The Family Chantel’s Chantel Everett has a full-time job as a nurse practitioner, and she loves to share funny memes relating to her work with her Instagram fans. Chantel often shares bare-faced selfies from her shifts, to let her fans know how much of a demanding career she’s chosen. In one of her recent stories, however, Chantel seems to have suggested she has a new man in her life. Chantel is known to repost TikTok videos she finds relatable on her Instagram. This time around she posted one showing a messy hospital room featuring Nicolas Cage making a disgusted face as Pedro Pascal laughs at him.

The video set to the tune of “Make Your Own Kind of Music” by Cass Elliot had the text showing a woman talking about how her boyfriend gets grossed out upon her telling him stories about her working at the hospital, while the woman in 90 Day Fiancé star Chantel’s story herself is “completely desensitized.”

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Who Is 90 Day Fiancé Star Chantel Everett’s New Boyfriend

The video was relatable to Chantel, who has been working as a nurse for years. Incidents involving patients and blood may have no effect on Chantel since she’s a professional, although she jokes that she’s “desensitized.” However, Chantel choosing to post a video about a “boyfriend” may also refer to her having found one, months after her painful breakup with Pedro. It could be Chantel subtly letting her well-wishers know she has someone special in her life, without making it obvious possibly because she may still be under contract. But if she isn’t, it won’t take long until reality TV personality Chantel shouts from the rooftops that she has a mystery man in her life.

Pedro, who’s now become a budding real estate agent, mocked Chantel, and refused to communicate with her about their issues. Pedro was the one who filed for divorce, as he completely checked out of the marriage and tasted independence. While Pedro has been rumored to have had girlfriends since his split. Pedro has hinted at new beginnings but is yet to confirm if he’s in a new relationship. But when it comes to Chantel, it’s a different story. The single Chantel has been linked to celebrities after Pedro exited her life for good.

In August 2022, Chantel was linked to another reality TV star. The rumor mill said Chantel was dating Rich Dollaz. He’s been a main cast member of Love & Hip Hop: New York and even made appearances on the Hollywood and Atlanta versions of the show, which may have led to the gossip. But perhaps it was when Drake was said to be interested in dating The Family Chantel star Chantel that fans were most surprised. Drake was rumored to have been DM’ing Chantel, however, neither party came forward to confirm or deny the reports.

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