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SASSY SISTER 1000-lb Sisters’ Amanda Halterman slams trolls who mock famous family’s weight struggles in new TikTok comment

1000-LB. Sister’s Amanda Halterman has clapped back at trolls who have mocked her family’s major weight struggles.

They have rallied around Amy amid her looming divorce from Michael.

Now Amanda, 42, has defended her family at large as trolls slam them for being dangerously overweight.

The reality star took to her TikTok profile earlier this week to share a video of the Slatons and Haltermans hanging out.

In the snap, fans can spot all the stars of 1000-Lb. Sisters convened in one living room.

Amanda panned the camera past Amy, Tammy, and several other famous family members.

She captioned the post with a simple hashtag: “#family,” leaving fans to flood the comments.


Dozens of her followers slammed the entire group for being overweight.

“That’s one HUGE family,” one mocked.

“God bless that floor beam,” a second joked.

“Bariatric surgery is a great option. Stay alive for those babies,” a third advised.

“No self-respect,” a fourth claimed, while a fifth wrote sarcastically: “Healthiest family in America.”

Others defended the 1000-lb. Sisters, one asking: “Why so many negative comments?”

Amanda shot back a reply, writing: “Cause obviously they were never taught any better. We may be obese but at least we are trying to better ourselves physically, mentally, & spiritually.”


The blonde has stood by her sister Amy Slaton amid the TV star’s ongoing divorce from her husband Michael.

The TLC star took to Instagram earlier this week and shared a sweet selfie as she took Amy’s sons Gage and Glenn grocery shopping.

In the picture, the two boys were sitting side-by-side in a shopping cart and wrapped up in a Mickey Mouse blanket as Amanda grinned next to them.

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The 42-year-old was dressed in a blue Adidas print sweater and was clearly loving the quality time with her cute nephews.

She captioned the post: “A day with Auntie Manda. I am thankful to spoil them every chance I get.”

Amanda’s Instagram followers were quick to comment on the post as one person said: “They are so lucky to have you!!!”

Another wrote: “Amanda, All those babies are lucky to have you in their lives, you’re awesome.”

A third person: “I love this!!! Family is everything!!!”

A fourth fan told her: “Favorite person on the show by far!! I love your honesty and how dedicated you are to your family.”

Someone else wrote: “Freakin cuties!!” while another person added: “I love me some aunti Amanda!!! Y’all’s family is so close and I really love to see it.”

Others gushed more about Amanda being their favorite person on the reality TV show, which centers mainly around her younger sisters Amy and Tammy.


Amanda’s outing with the boys came amid Amy’s divorce from the kids’ father Michael Halterman.

Michael is the brother of Amanda’s former husband Jason Halterman. 

The U.S. Sun exclusively revealed that Amy has already moved out of the family’s Kentucky home with her two children.

According to the insider, Amy and her kids are now crashing with Tammy, who has returned to Kentucky from rehab.

The 1000-Lb. Sisters informant said: “Amy says Michael is lazy and has been jealous of her attention toward the kids.

“They’ve been having trouble since last year.”

According to an insider, Amy wants Gage and Glenn to continue starring on the family’s reality show, however, Michael doesn’t want his sons to be on camera at all.

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The source claimed Amy and Michael have been secretly arguing since October over the issue, among other topics.

Amy, 35, and Michael, 40, met in high school and had reportedly been in a long-term relationship for several years before getting married.

The pair eventually tied the knot on March 15, 2019, in Nashville, Tennessee.

It came after Michael revealed on his YouTube channel that they had previously eloped back in June 2017.

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